The Cobus Method Review

cobus method reviewEver want to learn drums from a guy just like you?

Ever feel like learning from a professional who has gone to school, taken courses and speaks like an alien is leaving you out to hang?

Well, there is an alternative, and in this review of Cobus Method, we’ll tell you whether or not this method lives up to all of the YouTube and online drumming community generated hype.

So, What Exactly is the Cobus Method?

The Cobus Method is a method of learning the drums by ear, created by Cobus Potgieter, a YouTube drumming personality who skyrocketed to fame by being one of the most easily understood drummers on the market.

In basic words, he taught people how to drum by teaching himself to drum, without the use of sheet music or technical training; the average teacher for the average drummer.

Before we review it, let’s go over what the course has to offer; twenty discs of video lessons, with in depth instructing. Pretty basic, but then again, the basics are sometimes the most efficient things you’ll get.

The DVD Review – Insights to the Course

What really stands out in this course is that it completely redlines sheet music, so don’t expect to get a technical clinic and walk away from these video lessons with the ability to read music or play polyrhythms or those sorts of things. But what you can expect from this DVD set is a great foundation for drumming.

Ear training is often overlooked from drummers, as many of them think, “well if I hit it, it’ll sound the same anyways,” but that isn’t always true; drums can be just as tricky do discern as guitar or bass. Thinking otherwise will only detract from the overall value of learning your instrument.

So, Here Comes the Question; is the Course a Worthwhile Product?

Well, that depends on your goals. As you can see above, if your goals are to learn how to drum and not have to get into the technical aspects of reading and writing the things you play, this drumming course will be a great tool for you as a drummer.

However, if you want to learn how to read and write what you play, as well as be able to read pieces that have already been transcribed, your best bet is to look into a DVD set that covers more theory than drumming, as theory is what you are looking for.

A Sneak Peak Into Some Material…



And What is the Conclusion of the Course?

Not only is The Cobus Method a great product for drummers who aren’t looking to major in music or go to college for music, maybe just jam or play in bands, but it is a nice and refreshing break from the hordes of overly technical products on the market whose only aim is to teach you the technical side of something that isn’t always so technical.

Music theory is hard to unlearn once you’ve learned it, and there is an ever ongoing debate as to whether or not it subtracts from your creativity. While we can’t say for sure, we can say that this is a terrific product.

what does it consist of?

Where from here? We highly recommend this program…

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