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preview videoLearning an instrument is hard enough as it is. After you factor in the amount of programs, both audio and visual, available on the market, all claiming to be the best of the best, it becomes that much harder to receive a proper musical education.

However, this doesn’t make it impossible—in fact, it is nowhere near impossible. A little research and some points in the right direction can get you learning in no time with a great program that will help you, not hinder you.

In this article, we will discuss in this review whether or not Drumeo.com is that product for you.

All right, cool name, but what is Drumeo? Well, Drumeo.com is an online source for learning the drums. It is a bit like a go-to, online database for drum learning. In fact, it is made by Railroad Media, the people who brought you Mike Michalkow’s Drumming System and Moeller Method Secrets, among many other great products.



But just because the company has brought some great offerings to the table, doesn’t mean everything they will do is gold, does it?

In the case of Drumeo, you aren’t getting a DVD set with a workbook. You are getting online lessons five times a week by professional teachers. And we have to admit, the lessons are superb. Just like Mike Michalkow, the instructors at Drumeo.com are masters of the trade. And the best part is, since the drum lessons are live, you get to watch a real-time lesson, just as if you were sitting in a classroom.

live broadcast schedule

Daily lessons broadcasted live on every aspect of drumming…

The downside is, your schedule may differ from the one that the lessons follow. But the people over at Drumeo have you covered in that case—as a member, you get free, unlimited access to all previous lessons and tons of extra video goodies.

library of lesson archive

Missed a lesson? No worries. All tutorials are recorded and archived for your viewing…

Drumeo.com covers a vast range of techniques and rudiments, from flam taps to fills, proper uses of odd time signatures and much, much more. In fact, it has to be one of the most extensive systems we have seen thus far.
Now here’s the downside; as of May 2012, Drumeo.com is no longer accepting new students for their program. Their reason is honest enough—they want to focus on the students they have in order to assure they get the best education possible. This may sound like a downer, but it should be seen as quite the opposite.

This shows that the teachers at Drumeo.com care more about the proper education of their pupils, and giving them enough attention so that they succeed in their drum playing, than they do about milking their ideas for money.

In the end, there is really too much to say — Drumeo.com is a great, one of a kind experience. However, if you want to have it, you’ll have a bit of waiting to do first. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just make sure you practice in the meantime — it’ll assure that you are prepared to tackle any of the lessons that the teachers throw at you when the roster opens back up.

The Doors Have Finally Reopen-ed!!!

GOOD NEWS, at the time of checking back and updating this review in 2015, Drumeo has revamped their website and had opened their doors again!

This time round, I am not sure how many more students will they take before they limit registration. If you are interested in improving your drumming skills, this is the BEST time to jump before the sign up closes.

And you know what’s even better? Drummers can know get access to their lessons for FREE in a 30 day trial. This offers you the chance to jump in and test out the tutorials for yourself at absolutely no risk. There’s really nothing to lose. Register for an account and enjoy the lessons. If you decide that Drumeo is not for you, simply stop the trial.

Where from here? We highly recommend this program…

Take advantage of the SPECIAL 30 Day Free Trial today!

free access

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