Moeller Method Secrets Review

moeller method reviewMike Michalkow’s face is known to almost everybody who did at least ten minutes of online searching for drumming material. That sole fact gives him credibility.

So, when I put my hands on his DVD, “Moeller Method Secrets”, I watched the material with a totally positive attitude, expecting great content, and that is what I received.

I decided to pen this review of his course for drummers who aren’t sure what the course is about and would like to know my opinion of this DVD drumming course.

What Exactly is the Moeller Technique?

Named after – what a surprise! – it’s inventor, Stanford A. Moeller, the Moeller technique is a group of useful snare drumming practices allowing drummers to use their hands more effectively, to enhance their accentuation skills and produce a richer sound by investing less energy.

Undoubtedly, “the Moeller” has become one of the most renowned drumming techniques nowadays. Well, that is not hard to understand – as Michalkow’s DVD represents quite nicely, the advantages of this seemingly simple technique are hard to measure.

The essence of the technique is the Moeller stroke, a special way of moving the drumstick by applying a whipping motion that starts from your elbow and ends, moving through your hand, in the drumstick – or maybe on the drumhead. The stroke is fueled by the energy gained from the whipping motion, which changes the way the drumstick rebounds in its foundations: you can pull beautiful triplets with a single whipping motion in a controlled manner.

Check Out This Video For a Quick Introduction to the Course



The DVD Review – What Does It Gives Us?

Mike Michalkow does not only cover what is the immediate subject of the program. He gives a very comprehensive presentation of hand technique. He starts out by explaining the differences between the traditional and the standard grip, showing us how to practice each. Then he builds up slowly, presenting the different branches of the actual Moeller technique. He explains patiently how to play the technique using different stick heights producing different sound levels.

The progressive approach the DVD follows is very beginner-friendly, since it covers everything from holding the drumstick to advanced accenting techniques. For starters, that is awesome because you do not have to go around looking for introductory lessons so that you can understand what the DVD in question is about later. You are given the chance to build your skills from the ground up.

On the other hand, advanced players may also benefit from watching the DVD from the beginning. For example, I realized a grip error of mine after years of drumming, and I am sure that many successful drummers have tiny errors that keep them from getting better and reaching their potential.

Summary of the Technical Drums Course:

Moeller Method Secrets is a specialized drumming course that teaches you great techniques and includes the following:

– 2 Full Length Training DvDs

– Drums Rudiment Video

– Lock Grip Technique Video

– Drumming Essentials eBook

– Drum Kits Lessons eBook

– Unlimited Email, Phone & Forum Support!


There Are No Drawbacks?

No, not too much, at least. One thing that I could not explain was the absence of the “wow” sensation while watching the DVD. For sure, Mike Michalkow is a spectacular drummer, and he surely does the job of explaining the subject very well. Still yet, you sometimes find yourself looking for sensation, you find yourself craving so that you could say “ah, I learned this from Dave Weckl”.

Of course, this might sound silly, because it is silly. It is a matter of personal preference, and vanity should never play a role in the education of a musician. As a matter of fact, Mike Michalkow is one of the best instructors to be found, and his first DVD offers really valuable information.

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  1. James Taylor-Reply
    February 9, 2014 at 11:13 am

    User’s Feedback of Moeller Method Secrets DVD Course’

    Mike Michalkow is one of the most well-known drumming instructors of our generation. Not only does he have countless DVD’s that cater to vast styles and skill levels, but he is also just plain good at teaching.

    But that doesn’t mean that everything he does is gold. In the following, we will discuss whether or not Michalkow does the Moeller Method justice, or if he has finally fallen short.

    The Moeller method is a method of snare drumming that has been used for decades. In fact, longer, as it can be traced back to the Civil War.

    The fact that this drumming method has such longevity only goes to boost its reputation. In fact, any professional drummer will tell you the benefits of this technique and how much it can do to improve hand speed.

    But this isn’t only a review of the Moeller Method technique itself, but the insights of how effective the course is in teaching you; just because the technique is great, doesn’t mean the instructor is, right?

    In this case, however, it is true; Michalkow does it again.

    His approach to teaching this advanced technique is perfection. Most instructional DVD’s on the market are geared towards beginner and intermediate level drummers. After that, it becomes hard to find a well-made DVD to further your skill.

    Michalkow gets in depth, delving beyond the simple basics and intermediate level forms. This is great as the DVD set (it contains two discs) will grow as you grow. This helps you to be able to make full use of the Moeller Method, and more importantly, full use of it past the basic stages of your playing.

    Another great thing is how much he slows the techniques down. Each technique is play slow, then slowed down on camera to extremely low speed. This allows you to see every aspect of the wrist, hand, and fingers that goes into applying the drumming technique correctly.

    Not only is this extremely helpful, but it assures that you won’t miss a single twitch or similar minuscule movement.

    Finally, Michalkow’s teaching method; it’s nothing short of great. Not only does he break down each and every segment, but he doesn’t attempt to overwhelm you with large words or overly puffed up theories; you get the facts, and the basics straight out. This is a huge change in pace from the many DVD sets that are content on trying to boggle your mind instead of offer actual content.

    The only negative side to Moeller Method Secrets is that it is somewhat hard to come by. If you can find it, and the price is reasonable, not only will it help your snare drumming, but it will help you to improve all aspects of your playing. No matter what your preferred style, the Moeller method can help you to increase your speed and accuracy, as well as your power and confidence.

    All in all, if you are willing to do a little searching and shopping around, the DVD set is an amazing little program that will definitely help you to improve your playing.

  2. Dennis McCord-Reply
    February 18, 2014 at 10:00 pm

    Thank you for taking time to write such a comprehensive feedback on the course. I am glad that the program worked out for you

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