In this section, we had placed together reviews of some of the best resources for people who want to learn drums in a home-based setting. Yep, we had literally tried almost every online drums and home study courses in the market. And the truth is, there are dozens of those that didn’t make the cut.

To help you get a better understanding of what a particular course or system is about, we had actually purchased the “best” products ourselves and go through them when writing a review. Hopefully, these reviews  are useful to helping you make smart purchasing decisions and avoid the ones which are crappy.


Online Drum Lessons And DVD Instructions Reviews:

#1 – Mike Michalkow’s Drumming System – The Granddaddy of All Drum Courses
Mike Michalkow’s Drumming System teaches with a fluent mixture of varying teaching styles, each catering to specific types of learners. This course is widely touted as the most complete DVD course for players of beginner and intermediate levels.

#2 – Learn And Master Drums – Dann Sherill’s Comprehensive DVD Program
The Learn and Master Drums program aims to make learning drums as easy and accessible as possible. Truth be told, I was thoroughly impressed with the video quality and material in this set.

#3 – Bass Drums Secrets – Gain Full Control of Your Feet on the Pedals
BDS is a very focused course that was created to address people who want to master the art of double bass-ing. Jared Falk is the author of this course and has tons of experience in coaching students.

#4 – Jazz Drumming System – Mike Michalkow’s Answer to the Elusive Genre
Jazz Drumming System is a revolutionary solution that is breaking all the rules to provide you with the best possible learning experience! Does it live up to its hype?

#5 – Latin Drumming System – A Comprehensive Course By Mike Michalkow
The entire course covers an expansive number of Latin styles including Bossa Nova, Merengue, Tango, Soca, Rumba and the Mambo, among many others. If you are a fan of these musical genres, pick up this course!

#6 – Rock Drumming System – Jared Falk’s Course For Beginners
The DVD package comes with four DVD’s, a along CD’s, four workbooks and twenty four hour phone and internet support. If you are relatively new and have a penchant for rock/pop music, this course is a perfect tool for you.

#7 – Moeller Method Secrets – Uncover The Truth Behind a Important Technique
Mike Michalkow’s name is well known in the industry for creating a series of great drumming courses and programs. The Moeller method is conceived as one of the most important technique for any player to master and Mike delivers in this course.

#8 – Drum Rudiment System – Inside Lionel Duperron’s Course
As the name suggests, this course is all about rudiments and strokes. It contains four spiral bound note books, which outline each and every lesson, and six instructional DVD’s to show you exactly how something is played.

#9 – The Cobus Method – Can You Really Learn to Play by Ear?
Cobus started out as a Youtube personality who grew in fame with his video channel. He later partnered with Jared Falk to put together a course that promises to let you play the drums without having to read any sheet music.

#10 – Drumeo Review – Your Army of Online Instructors at Your Fingertips
Drumeo is a very new product that offers users a fully online learning experience. By leveraging on the Internet, they had placed together some of the best minds and drummers in the world as a consolidated learning center.

#11 Groove Is King Review – Insights to Ashley Appling’s Tuition Website
Groove is King is a fairly new tuition website that was launched a couple of years ago. Despite its age, it has already build up a small following due to the content the instructor has kindly offered for free on Youtube.

#12 – Review – Find Out What We Think About Them
With better computer and cloud based technology, the amount of knowledge that drummers can learn from online tuition services is immense. is one such sites that offers affordable education without compromising too much on quality.

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