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The double bass drum is a man’s gift to heavy metal. At least, that’s how most musicians outside of metal treat it; as a one dimensional tool. But more than just in metal, the double bass drum can be used in a number of ways.

Many musicians tend to shy away from the double bass drum as they see it simply as a way for metal musicians to double their speed.

In this article, we will give you some basic double bass drumming lessons that will help you to improve your drumming, not only for metal, but for every style of music.

First Things First; Do You Want 2 Bass Drums, or a Double Bass Pedal?

If you are going to record, you may want to go with two bass drums as they will reduce muffled noise. If you want to simply jam with some friends without worrying about recording, then you can buy a double bass pedal and forget about the rest.

When you play the double bass, think of it this way; you are making your playing more fluid.

This means that you don’t necessarily have to use the double bass pedal to play at an extreme speed. You can simply play with less effort. Developing a technique is what is most important, though, as it will help you to use your pedals to the full potential.

Techniques Used in Double Bass

There are a few ways to use the double bass pedal, but the most common two techniques are the heel method and the toe method.

Using your heel adds more power. If you are playing jazz or blues, or even country, chances are you won’t need to worry about how fast you are playing. In this case, the heel method is the best for you. The name is a bit deceiving, though, is it simply implies that you strike with your heel.

This isn’t so. You keep your heel down, which means that your entire foot rests on the pedal.

If you need to play a bit quicker, the toe method is probably your best bet. The toe method consists of keeping your heel up and simply using your toes. It makes your strikes lighter, and puts less weight on the pedal, allowing you to play faster.

Now double bass doesn’t necessarily have to outline each and every one of your songs, and hopefully if you are reading this double bass drumming lesson, you don’t think so. In fact, if it does, your songs will become boring and predictable.

Utilize Double Bass to Its Maximum Potential

Double bass can be used to accent notes, to highlight cymbal chokes, and even to add a separate rhythmic pattern altogether. All of this requires tons of practice. You should set aside a block of time each day to practice, and stick to it no matter what.

If you decide to take the separate pattern route, you will need to practice your double bass rhythm pattern separately first, which will help develop muscle memory. Once your muscle memory takes over, you will be able to learn the second rhythm with your hands.

Double bass drumming has endless possibilities. Don’t limit yourself to one style or one way of use. Keep your mind open to different techniques, and above all, have fun with your music.

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Double Bass Drumming Techniques And Lessons:

#1 – Introduction on How to Use Double Bass Pedals
The double bass pedal is a tool for advanced musicians and not meant for a new player to explore. If you have trouble keeping time with even the basic drum rudiments, this section is NOT the place for you to be. Once you are past that stage, head back over to this section again.

#2 – Improve Your Speed And Control Without Sounding Bad
Nothing ever sounds nice when it is played sloppily and that’s my philosophy for playing drums. If you really want to become a great musician, you need to get serious and make sure you mean every note you hit.

#3 – Should You Use the Heels Up Or Heels Down Method?
Essentially, there are 2 ways to go about kicking the bass drum: the heel up approach or the heels down foot technique. Either way, there are pros and cons to each of them and we will be discussing them in this lesson.

#5 – Double Bass Drums Vs. Double Bass Pedals – What Are the Differences?
While many drummers are familiar with the idea of double bass drumming with a pair of pedals. However, did you know that you can also have a similar setup with a single bass drum and a single double bass pedal?

#6 – Achieve Better Feet Independence In No Time
Learning to control your foot with precision is a crucial aspect of playing effectively and accurately. Not only will it help increase speed, it can also help you play flashy beats and heart stopping grooves.

#7 – The Complete Double Bass Pedal Buyers Guide
Being drummers, we are always spoilt for choices with the huge range of accessories available to us. With so many types of products and brands each touting its own benefits, how do you choose one?

#8 – Playing the 3-Stroke Ruff Using the Double Pedal
The 3 stroke ruff utilizes a sequence of 16th and 8th notes that can offer you more than what you would ever think of. Though they are relatively simple to play and master, they are highly versatile as you can do simple tweaks easily.

#9 – Get The Best Sound From Your Bass Drum
Did you know that getting different tones and sounds from your set could be improvised with extra accessories or even simple everyday items that can be found in your house.

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