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Every musician starts somewhere, and sometimes the best place to learn is by playing some songs. While in the long run this may affect your ability to create an identity, at first learning songs is harmless and actually quite helpful.

In this article, we will go over easy drum songs that will allow you to kick start your drum playing.

Song 1: Rock and Roll All Night by KISS

This song is one of the simplest songs out there. Not only is it memorable (who doesn’t know the chorus “I want to rock and roll all night, and party every day”?) but it is extremely simple. This song focuses a lot on the toms and follows, for the most part, a basic linear pattern. After all, KISS was always known more for their live shows of fire spitting and blood hurling than their instrumental talent.

That being said, Rock and Roll All Night is an extremely catchy tune that will allow you to learn the basics of how far a little bit can truly go.

Beginner Drum Song 2: Sunshine of Your Love by Cream

This song is a classic. This isn’t the reason we chose it, though. It is extremely simple and straightforward, and will help you to get a grasp of basic drum fills. It is also an extremely fun piece to play and will give you an insight in how to create atmosphere using your drumming. Remember, you don’t always have to be at the forefront smashing through the wall of sound; this is a perfect example of why, and more importantly, how to avoid doing it while still retaining your groove.

Beginner Drum Song 3: Come Together by The Beatles

Ringo Starr was never known as an amazing drummer. This is something important to understand, because he made do. More than that, he contributed his somewhat limited skills and made diamonds out of topaz. Not only did he add to the atmosphere which The Beatles were famous for, he was able to do it with a limited skillset and one of the smallest kits used in a full band.

Come Together is more than a classic; it is a milestone. The Beatles had more impact on music than any other band in existence, and if it weren’t for them, many styles we know and today wouldn’t even exist. Learning this song is about how beautiful and perfect simplicity can be. This is for all you drummers who think that speed and offset rhythms are necessary.

Beginner Drum Song 4: Teenage Rampage by The Sweet

Another classic. The Sweet were an amazing band, and more than anything, they were simple and to the point each and every time. There are tons of elemental bits in this song, things that simply add to the atmosphere. This song is huge, and it is extremely fun to play.

Now that you know some easy drumming songs to learn, the next step is to get playing. Try listening to each song through before jumping headfirst into them because while they are easy, no song is purely straightforward. Enjoy!

Learn to Play Some Popular Songs…

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor



Recommended Drum Songs to Learn

Smoke on the Water – Deep Purple



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More Songs For Drummers to Learn:

#1 – Rock Drum Play-Along – Ever Done Before
This play along song features the song “Ever Done Before” and is pretty easy to pick up for most drummers. The cool thing is that the lesson will allow you the freedom to improvise in some portions of the song.

#2 – Learn Sixteenth Note Patterns in the Song 10 Seconds by Sonus
In this tutorial, we will show you how to play a song called “10 Seconds” by Sonus. While there are some tricky portions in the sixteenth note patterns, it should be a fun process to work through the song with some practice.

#3 – Jazz Drum Play-Along – 2 Feel 4 Feel
Here’s one for the jazz drummers. In this lesson, we will be showing you a nice track where it feels like playing in 2/4 but in actuality, the song is played in 4/4 with a Jazz feel to it.

#5 – Step by Step Play Along With a 12/8 Groove
This play-a-long features a 12/8 groove that based on two different beats. It provides a great exercise for playing in odd time. Take a look at the provided sheet music and watch the video.

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