FTC Disclosure For Drums Player World

Ever since the US Federal Trade Commission stepped up its actions to protect online users, webmasters and business like us are required to disclose any affiliate or business relationship we have with 3rd party websites.

Following the official guidelines given, we had drawn up our own disclosure statements that we strongly encourage you to review prior to using the website.

• Whenever we write a product review on equipment or courses, we will add a statement of disclosure should we have any direct affiliation for the product. For example, you can read the grey line under the title line of our Drumming System Review for our disclosure statement. Note that we are never paid for writing up a biased review and we invest our personal time to purchase, review and test out a product.

We always strive to offer our honest findings and experiences and the opinions that we express are purely our own. Should there be any statistical claim or representation of the product, you are advised to verify it with the product creators directly yourself.

• Sometimes, we might link to another 3rd party service or product within our content of the website. In such cases, we might get paid an affiliate commission should you choose to make any purchases through these links. Rest assured that this will never influence the nature of the content. The truth is, most “free” websites require some sort of revenue to help pay for webhosting costs, content writing and maintenance of the website.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would support us by making purchases through our website. Of course, you don’t have to do it if you don’t like it. You have the choice of going directly to the vendor’s page to perform your purchase and the pricing to you would still be the same.

• Lastly, we run Google Adsense ads on our website. These are scripts that generate advertisements by a 3rd party network in which we do not have control over and are usually listed clearly as paid ads.

Thank you for visiting us and we hope that you had found this website useful to your drumming needs.

Have fun!

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