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video lessonsLet’s face it; most of us don’t have hundreds of dollars to dish out for local lessons. In fact, most of us broke our piggy banks open just to scrounge up enough for our drum kits.

For those of us who don’t have the extra cash just lying around begging to be spent, video beginner drumming lessons is an option.

However, is it truly wise to learn all of your skills and techniques from some guy in a video? What makes him so qualified to teach you? If he’s so good, why does he waste his time with free videos instead of making a fortune teaching?

Video Drumming Lessons Is A Great Tool To Learn The Drums

These are all good question, but first things first; unless you are part of the one percent of abnormally talented and lucky drummers, chances are you aren’t going to make a fortune teaching the drums. This doesn’t mean that you would want to give away all of your knowledge for free though; there is still money in local lesson and you may want to make a living with your drumming no matter how meager it is.

If this is true, then why do instructors make drum videos for YouTube and the sort?

They get kickbacks.

YouTube gives partnerships to channels that get substantial views. This means you get paid by YouTube and they help promote you. Many of the drummers you see making videos are actually professional drum teachers. When they create a partnership, or when they get enough views, they circulate themselves publicly.

This draws more potential customers.

In other cases, some drummers simply play for recreational purposes, and just want to share their knowledge with other drummers who are struggling in the beginner stages. Whichever the case may be, video drumming lessons are actually a superb way to learn how to play the drums.

Unlike lesson booklets where you simply get words and maybe a drawing if you are lucky and the publisher decided to spring for an artist (in most cases if they do the drawings cause more confusion than they do anything else), video drumming lessons allow you to study the technique being shown.

This is extremely helpful, as it allows you to compare your own form to the woman or man in the video.

Drawbacks To Video Drumming Lessons

Drummers who think they know what they are talking about, or demand that you use certain grips tend to mess up your playing quite a bit.

You don’t have to be a pro to make a lesson; in fact, you don’t have to know anything at all. You just need access to a camera. This can in some instances be dangerous to you as a drummer, as you may wind up learning horrible technique from a self-proclaimed professional who insists that you arch your back and stick one foot behind your head to get optimal drum frequencies.

If this is the case, avoid the videos.

In most cases, it is easy to weed out the fakes from the truths by simply watching a lesson through. This will help prevent any unfortunate outcomes of following poor directions.

Check out the easiest way to learn drums at Drumeo. You can watch live or access on-demand video tutorials using any computer, tablet and even your smartphone! If you didn’t catch something the first time, you can easily replay it until you get it!

List of Free Video Drums Lessons For Your Enjoyment

#1 – Linear Drum Fills And Beats For Your Foundation’s Building
Don’t let the name scare you. Linear fills are some of the most basic and easiest beats you can get yourself acquainted with. Once you start listening and observing how other drummers play them, you can easily replicate them without too much difficulty.

#2 – 4 Rules to Abide By If You Really Want to Master the Art of Drumming
If you are really serious about mastering the instrument, there are 4 commandments that I always preach to my students to help them succeed. If you can follow these guidelines, I can assure you that you will see vast improvements in your playing within a week or two.

#3 – Three Heavy Metal Exercises to Help You Develop Tempo
In the heavy metal genre, the songs are well known for their earth shattering snare battering and blistering fast double bass. To the untrained ear, you may thing that it is no big deal. However, the truth is that you will require a high level of technical skills to be able to pull off a song without sounding like crap.

#4 – What Are Drag Ghost Notes And How to Use Them
Drag ghost notes are really versatile techniques that you can apply to a groove to create fluid dynamics. Believe it or not, this subtle technique can help you create grooves that can define your styles.

#5 – How to Play Drag Double Stoke Notes On the Same Hand
First of all, what are drag notes? As the name suggests, these are strokes that you can use to lengthen the beat of a note and also serves to develop your limbs’ agility.

#6- Implementing Motions And Dynamical Strokes
The correct applications and use of motions are great stepping stones to helping you achieve awesome sounding tones. We show you more examples on different combinations and scenarios where you can put them into action.

#7 – An Insight to the Matched Grip For Drummers
The matched grip is a crucial way of holding the drum sticks so that you can apply the Moeller technique and put it to full its best use. We have recorded this video to help you visualize the grips with no hassle.

#8 – 3 Types of Beats Commonly Found in Rock Music
With literally hundreds of possible beats and rhythms in music, there will always be some that we come across frequently and sound very familiar to the ears.

#9 – Recommended Homestudy Courses And Teacher-Replacement Tools
If you do a quick search on the Internet using Google or Bing, I am sure you will come across tons of teachers who will offer one-on-one classes at very reasonable prices. However, there are also other alternatives that can help you save costs and also enable learning in your own time.

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