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Buying a new drum set, especially your first one, is always a tough decision when you are new to learning drums playing. Without even taking into account the price factor, there are bunches of other question that are often quite hard to decide.

Drum sets come in all sorts and sellers are trying to make you believe anything they say. I have compiled a list for you so that you will surely not be baffled.

What Are You Going to Play?

There are no strict borders between different genres of music, but there are some basic assumptions that we can all make: for example, if you are going to play soft jazz then you will probably not need a 26” bass drum and line of heavy crash cymbals. You should look up what is the usual drum shell, drum head and cymbal setup for the genre you are most likely going to play and filter your possible choices accordingly.

Is the Seller an Experienced Drummer?

Even if this question might seem irrelevant, it is really wise to keep it in mind. Experienced players do not really break drum sticks and they definitely do not break drum heads every other day. In most cases, you should trust a professional player who is giving away his older drum set, he probably knows how to take care of his instrument and has respect for fellow drummers, too.

However, buying a shiny new drum set from the rich kid who only played it for two weeks and got bored is also an option you should consider.

Check the Drums for Injuries

No matter who you are buying from, you should carefully check the drums. First of all, you should check the drum shells, since these are kind of irreplaceable.

Also, checking the rims and the tension rods is also very important, since these are harder to replace, too.

It is not a major concern if the drum heads are a little worn out, since you would have to replace them sooner or later – however, it is obviously an advantage if they are in good condition.

Are the Cymbals Intact?

Cymbals can be quite expensive, so when you are buying a used drum set you should definitely pay attention to their quality, you do not want to replace them every other day. You should closely inspect every cymbal for dents and crashes.

Find a Friend to Help You Out

Also, when you are buying a drum set, you should ask a more experienced friend of yours to accompany you. His eyes might have seen more issues regarding drums, and he may have a more professional opinion. Also, an experienced friend can come in handy when you are trying to settle on a price. Being able to estimate the value of the product more precisely means that you might get a better price and, again, you will probably not be baffled.

Try the Drum Set – You Have to Feel It!

Nobody can choose instead of you. You should grab a pair of drum sticks and play the drum set for a few minutes. Just like in the case of magic wands, it is often the drum set that chooses the drummer, and not vice versa.

When you have found the set you are ready to play possibly for years, you will feel it. Just be sure not to be taken away by the power almost any drum set has – they are wonderful instruments and until your ear is trained enough it is easy to be mesmerized by almost any of them.

Get more value out of your drumset by learning how to tune it to sound great in any kind of situations. The Drum Tuning System is a must-have course for drummers of all skill levels. Check it out today!

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