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teaching kidsEverybody has music in their blood. Some people grow up, and forget that. However, children are still alive enough to be willing to play, to find new ways to communicate, to express themselves.

Most children are quite open to any kind of music, since they are still able to regard music as one of the most joyful activities one can be part of. Some adults also know that, but the younger someone is the more capable and willing he is to delve into the beauties of melody and rhythm.

Parents always want the best for their kids. Some children proactively show signs of special musical abilities, but it is not uncommon that parents just enroll them in different art schools so they will learn to play an instrument.

Some people treat this phenomenon as a problem, claiming that parents should not make decisions instead of their children. However, I firmly believe that this should not be considered a problem; learning music will only do children well.

Here are some tips on getting drum lessons for kids:

A Teacher With Backgrounds in Teaching Children

One thing that parents should pay attention to is the chosen teacher’s history in teaching children. Children should be taught differently, using more playful methods, and a professor from an arts college might not be able to provide that, anyhow skilled he might be at both playing the given instrument and at teaching advanced students. A good teacher knows how to communicate with kids and make them understand even more advanced concepts in a simple way.

Proper Equipment for Teaching Kids

Apart from specialized teaching methods, children should also be given access to special equipment. For example, a usual drumset is simply over-sized for a child. Many drumming schools have junior drum sets, consisting of smaller drums, like a 14” bass drum or 8” snares and hi-hats.

Once the child grows, he will be able to play the standard set, but for starting out he should be playing the one that fits him in size. Also, drum sticks come in different shapes and sizes, and there is a shape and size that is perfect for most children. As a parent, you might want to consider buying such a drum set, since they are really not expensive and it might easily become your kid’s favorite toy.

Special Learning Material for Children Drum Lessons

Just like there are pink toy laptops out there for kids to get used to using the computer, there are specialized training materials for children who want to play music. There are games for them to help them remember simple rhythm patterns. There are friendly samples of different musical genres that will teach them in an easy-to-digest way what the difference between Latin music and heavy metal is. Kids are willing to play, give them the toys they need to play… the drums.

The Most Important: Making the Whole Process Fun in Kids Drum Lessons

One thing that grown-ups cannot always understand is that there is a reason why we say we “play” the drums and not “work” them. For kids, it is obvious that making music is one of the most fun activities in the world. We should not make them think of it any other way. Also, we should probably look at music the way children do.

That would reveal a lot of the reasons behind our struggles as a drummer. A child will probably not do what he does not enjoy. He realizes how to make the whole process fun. We have more to learn from young drummers than we would ever believe.

Drumeo is an awesome resource that enables you to learn drums from home; about any genre, skill levels and at a time of your convenience.

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    Co-authored by Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean) and Michael Aubrecht (Modern Drummer/Drumhead) “FUNdamentals of Drumming for Kids” uses a variety of fun, unique teaching techniques. Each step in the program is designed to build upon itself to provide young children with practical and applicable skills for playing the drums. Published by Modern Drummer and distributed by Hal Leonard the book and DVD combo won ‘Best In Show’ at Summer NAMM 2014 and is an Amazon Best-Seller in five countries. It is available on Amazon.com, ModernDrummer.com and MusicDispatch.com.


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