Drum Rudiment System Review

drum rudiment system reviewDrum rudiments are the most important aspect of playing drums. Not only are they the foundation of every style of music in existence, but they can also add dynamics and texture to each and every piece of music you will ever write.

All of this may be true, but does the Drum Rudiment System make full use of these beautiful techniques? Before we decide that, let’s talk about what is included in the Drum Rudiment System.

The course contains four spiral bound note books, which outline each and every lesson, and six instructional DVD’s.

The nice bit is the notebooks. Many musicians prefer to read along to a lesson, and the spiral bound books are properly details and written well enough so that they allow the viewer to do just that.

The books provided will not only help you to follow along to the lessons, but they will help you to learn the basics of reading music. Reading music is a crucial skill for all musicians, and once you learn it, the possibilities are endless.

Check out this video for a quick introduction to the course…



The DVD Review – What Does It Gives Us?

The six DVD’s are exactly what they sound like; drum rudiments instructional DVD’s. That being said, they are great. Each lesson is broken down and played slowly, and each technique is fully explained and outlined by the instructor.

lionel duperron

Each video is shot in full high definition, so you can see every single movement and every flick of the wrist. This will allow you to get the full experience of learning what makes each technique work.

However, this set is not for a beginner, as it gets straight into intermediate topics which require previous experience and learning.

If this is you, and you are just starting off in the world of drumming, it is best that you try another DVD set (we highly recommend Mike Michalkow’s Drumming System) as it will allow you to learn the basics which this DVD set skips over in favor for the rudiments.

The important thing about this set is that it teaches not only basic rudiments, but it also delves into important topics such as application and proper form.

Learning to apply a technique is more important than expanding your knowledge across the board. Application is the primary skill that all musicians, whether in bands or just jamming with friends, will need to use. If you don’t know how to use a technique, there is no use in knowing it in the first place. It is the equivalent of buying a drum kit just to stare at it and watch the dust grow across its surface; it is useless.

On this note, this is where DrumRudimentsSystem shines! This DVD course is one of the best we had seen. For an intermediate drummer, our review of Drum Rudiment System is nothing short of impressive.

Inside Lionel Duperon’s Course – A Sample Lesson



Summary of the Complete Program:

Drum Rudiments System is an intermediate course that teaches you 40 great drum rudiments in an easy to understand format and includes the following:

– 6 Full Length Instructional DvDs

– 4 Spiral Bound Handbooks

– 21 Steps to Become a Working Drummer

– Modified Drum Rudiments Beat Pack

– Encyclopedia of Drumming Terms

– Coaching by Lionel Duperron

– Unlimited Email, Phone & Forum Support!

drs intermediate book dvd

Wait… Everything Sounds Too Good. Are There No Drawbacks?

In the end, if you are a mildly experienced drummer looking to learn more advanced drumming skills, this set will not only be an enormous help to you, but it will grow alongside your playing abilities. The only problem you may have is finding it; the set is a bit hard to come across.

However, if you are a drummer just starting out, it is best that you learn the basics of rhythm and drumming in general before your jump into this set. All in all, Drum Rudiment System is a great course for drummers looking to take their skills to a higher level.

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Where from here? We highly recommend this course…

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