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We welcome authors and other musicians who want to contribute to our lessons database. Everyday, is visited by more than 1,000 unique visitors around the world and we had been growing our readership steadily over the years.

If you have a new musical product launch or want to showcase your talents, guest posting represents an opportunity to showcase your offerings through our website. If you have great content that you want to share our readers, please read and follow the guidelines below:

1) You need to add value to our readers. Don’t rehash content from elsewhere as it doesn’t help anyone; not you nor the reader. Remember, you are representing your company/product/yourself. Quality matters because that is how our readers are going to perceive you when they read something written by you.

2) Submit the complete lesson in a Word document (.doc or .docx) file.

3) Include all the supplementary pictures/photos/resources (mp3s, files etc…) used in your article in a separate .zip file.

4) We allow a author biography box where you can promote and talk about yourself, your product or website.

We take quality content very seriously and have a stringent review process. Once your article is accepted and reviewed, we will notify you via an email about the URL location of the publication. Depending on the volume of requests we receive, this entire process typically takes about 3-4 working days for processing.

* We reserve the right to reject the publication of the articles if it doesn’t meet quality guidelines.

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