Learn And Master Drums Review

learn and master drums reviewIf you want to learn the drums, the task set out before you may seem daunting. With all four limbs at use, numerous voices, striking patterns, and dozens of styles, drumming is a vast world.

The Learn and Master Drums program makes learning drums as easy and accessible as possible. I was thoroughly impressed with the lessons this set includes.

Each rudiment, each voice, everything up to the simplest and most overlooked aspect of setting up and tuning your drums is covered with easy to follow instructions. The workbook that comes along with the CD/DVD set allows you to not only test yourself, but also to track your progress.

This is essential, as many musicians believe they make less progress than they really have. Once you learn the basics, they seem second nature, and you often end up overlooking just how much actually went into learning these basics. The workbook gives you the tools to look back and review how much work you have actually done to get to your current level.

Legacy (the creators of Learn and Master Drums) has also gone as far as setting up an easy to use forum as well as an online support center with twenty four hour service. This makes it easy for those who are struggling to get the help required to push further and make it through their lessons.

Instructor Dann Sherrill is a master of the techniques and styles which he offers, which in turn makes learning much easier. He explains each and every aspect in depth, giving tips and easy to follow instructions.

As a teacher at Belmont University and Murray State University, Dann has honed and perfected the art of simplistic yet effective lessons. Each lesson I watched was extremely helpful, with no extreme learning curve to buckle my foundations of understanding. The delivery in and of itself was phenomenal.


sheet music overlap

dynamic markings


On screen drums notations and easy to follow diagrams.


kick bass camera

demo showing top view


Multi angled shots of the lessons to ensure that you fully understand every details.

The most entertaining part about this entire program were the jam tracks. Included in Learn and Master Drums program are five tracks for jamming, and not only are the fun, they are building blocks for integrating your own dynamics and style. To me, this was the most important part of the program, as this teaches practical application of the techniques and styles taught.

You can have all of the knowledge in the world, but if you don’t take the time to jam out, you will never learn to properly apply what you have learned. This also goes to show that sometimes work can be fun, as jamming along teaches as much itself as the lessons do, and in the meantime is enjoyable and exciting.

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