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Why Is It Important to Learn Different Drumming Styles?

To answer the question, we would first have to define what drumming styles are. We can approach the given question from two different directions. What most people associate to when talking about drumming styles is different musical genres.

However, drumming styles also refer to a certain drummer’s personal style: the so-called „licks” that he likes to play, the characteristic accentuation he uses, the unmistakable groove he might have.

Should You Really Learn Someone’s Style?

No one wants to be a copycat. For that reason, it is not certainly recommended to imitate, for example, the way someone shakes their head while drumming. Also, unless you are playing in a tribute band, copying a signature Tré Cool fill note-by-note might also not be the best idea.

So I should not be inspired by my idols, you might be thinking. Quite the contrary: studying the work of the masters is essential in any drummer’s evolution. However, individual drumming styles should rather be studied instead of copied, with a constant trial of building your own style.

Gaining Skills in Different Genres

On the other hand, ignoring the different music genres available to basically anyone can almost be considered a sin. Our music is deeply intertwined; you would be surprised to notice the common elements in afro-cuban and, say, jazz drumming.

Just as gestures are a way of self-expression, music also is a way of showing the world how you feel – and just as gestures are the same all around the world, the different genres around are also representations of the same roots.

Speaking more technically, whatever you might be willing to play, a deep knowledge of a different genre will help you understand what you are playing more exactly, you will be able to play blends of different genres. For instance, a few jazz drumming lessons might give your rock drumming a subtle elegance, or studying Latin drumming might make your jazz drumming more alive, more tempered.

Where is Contemporary Music Heading?

During history, contemporary music was always subject to be dubbed “experimental”. The classicism of Mozart was just as experimental in the nineteenth century as The Beatles was in the sixties.

That is not by a rule, but if you are going to create something new, if you want to start a wave, then you should try to be open to experimenting around. New musical genres are born every day, and these genres are not whole new cultures expressing their national feelings: these are brave musicians mixing up aspects of different genres, thus creating something unique.

By playing comfortably a few genres, you are also ready to start pursuing this goal. Try to know as many “musical gestures” as you can, and be open about your feelings: that will lead you to a power that gives lets you lead your instrument instead of the instrument leading you.

Playing music can easily be compared to religions: Christians, Muslims and Buddhists are all seeking the same truth; they are just following different passages. Musical genres work very similarly: they are all expressing the same feelings, just have different tools for expressing them.

In the case of religion, knowing the Bhagavad Gita and The Bible at the same time can lead to a deeper understanding of how this world might be working. In music, and in particular, drumming, knowing as many genres as possible leads to a keener ability to express what you want to come through.

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Learn the Various Types Musical Genres And Styles:

#1 – Metal Drumming Lessons – A Concise Library of Tutorials And Intense Beat Exercises
When we think of the metal genres, we immediately associate fast and intense drumming rhythms to this particular style of music. In this section of the website, we look into various aspects of succeeding as a metal drummer.

#2 – Funk Drum Instructions – Learn Cool Rhythms And Beats
Funk is fun. Funk is cool. Funk isn’t made for newer players. Wait, what? As much as I love funk, I have to admit that funk requires a certain level of musical understanding and skillsets before attempting to tackle it.

#3 – Latin Drumming – Learn Salsa & Dancing Rhythms
If you are into exotic styles, latin music is the one most suitable for you. Besides offering rhythms that are full of flavor and feel, this genre of music is one of the most challenging and fun to master.

#4 – Jazz Drumming Lessons – Master the Techniques and Rhythms
Many people have the misconception that jazz is boring and overly simplistic. That is far from the truth. One of the biggest problems that I see with beginners is that they often go to forums for help and get confused from all the information they see.

#5 – Comprehensive Blues Techniques And Beats For Aspiring Players
Welcome to the world of blues music where the emphasis is always about feel and touch. Blues isn’t anything about flashy rudiments or rolls but rather getting the groove correct and infusing yourself into the mood.

#6 – R & B Drumming Lessons – Rhythm And Beat Percussion Tutorials
If grooving is in your soul and blood, the rhythm and beat genre for learning drums is something that you must NOT miss. This style of music has more emphasis placed on steady background rhythms to complement vocals.

#7 – Rock Drumming Lessons – Let’s Get the Party Going
If you love men clad in leather with painted faces running and jumping around the stage, this is going to get you excited. Musically that is. Rock is my forte and my best love among the various genres.

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