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Whether it’s a group of leather wearing, face painted men blowing fire on stage, or a group of men nearly twice our age who somehow manage to write the greatest music we have ever heard, rock and roll has astonishing appeal.

Rock has been there for us through every step of our lives. From our teen angst’s to our inner child, rock and roll has the special something that connects with every single stage of our lives, from childhood to adulthood.

If you want to play rock and roll, the first place to begin is with the basics.

Beginning With The Basics

With these rock drumming lessons, we will not only teach you those basics, but also give you ideas of how to apply them in your own jams, songs, or free time practices.

Just like any rock star, the first thing we need to do is build a foundation to base our playing off of. We are going to be playing some linear rock and roll drum patterns today, and just as a lyricist needs to know the meanings of the words they use, we need to gain an understanding of our own.

Getting To Know Linear Drumming

Linear drumming simply means that we will only be striking one voice at a time. For instant; if we strike a cymbal, we will not be striking a snare or tom at the same time.

For all of these lessons, it is highly recommended that you use a metronome to help you keep a steady rhythm. Tempo is extremely important in any style of music, and rock and roll is certainly no exception to that rule.

Example 1:

This first rock drumming lesson uses only the hi-hat (closed) and the medium tom.

rock drumming lessons

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Note that we chose the tome instead of a snare. This is because in rock and roll, toms are utilized in a variety of ways, including replacement of snares. This makes rock drumming very unique, as most music styles use the snare to keep rhythm. Although rock and roll does do this, not all songs do, and it is best to keep your mind open to the different ways certain voices are used in rock and roll.

Example 2:

This second example uses the ride, the bass drum and the snare drum. This is a basic verse idea highly inspired by many of our own favorite rack artists. It is a very simple pattern, one which a guitarist can easily build a riff off of.

rock drumming lessons example

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Although much flashier than blues, keep in mind that even in rock and roll, although fills are in abundance, the guitar is the primary voice. Guitarists will count on you, the drummer, to build a rhythm that they can easily keep pace to and build off of.

Once you have a feel for these two simple linear rock drumming lessons, try to build your own ideas using them as a foundation. Add different voices, accents, or rudiments. Study your favorite rock drummers and see what makes them so interesting, then try it out yourself.

Practice hard, have fun –because if you aren’t having fun neither will your listener– and most importantly, rock on!

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List of Essential Rock Drumming Lessons and Tips

#1 – 2 Beginner Rock Beats That Everybody Should Know
Let’s keep things easy and start with something simple in the first tutorial. In this lesson, we will show you a couple of examples using linear drumming that many rock beats are based on.

#2 – Cymbal Choking And Its Applications
If you are into rock, the cymbal choke is an essential skill that you MUST know. A well placed choke can leave a deep impact in your music and consequently, the audience. Chokes are also very important mechanics for emphasizing notes.

#3 – How to Hit the Tom Toms With Proper Techniques And Movements
If you think that hitting the toms toms doesn’t require placing any thoughts to it, think again. One of the most common problems many beginners face is that they tend to hit the drums as hard as they can and this can often lead to undesired results.

#4 – Quarter Note Fills to Add Flavors in a Song
It doesn’t matter if you are a true master or someone who’s starting out casual, everyone start at the bottom somewhere. Learning the foundations and basics is crucial to the future expansion of your skills and we start you off with something relatively easy.

#5 – Paradiddles in Rock Drumming
Paradiddles are very versatile rudiments that can be applied to various forms of rock music. Even though they can be a little difficult to learn in the initial stage, it can really spice up your patterns when you get familiar with it.

#6 – Punk Drumming Tips You Need to Know
In a sub-genre of rock music, punk rock is a fast and aggressive style of music that requires a high level of coordination and motor endurance. We show you some tips that will accelerate your mastery.

#7 – Top 5 Drum Solos In Rock And Roll
Let’s take a break from the lesson and talk about some of the most influential drum solos in rock and roll history. Hopefully, you can gain some inspiration from these great players.

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