Go Go Rhythms And Patterns to Have Fun With

go go rhythmsIf you love funk, then there is not doubt that you will love Go-go. Go-go is a subgenre of funk that was developed in the 1960’s and, like funk, Go-go is all about groove.

If you can’t quite keep a steady rhythm yet, then Go-go drum beat rhythms aren’t for you yet. Check out the beginner drum lessons section to help you out on this.

I suggest you take time with a metronome to practice your rhythm and learn to keep a steady beat, as Go-go drum beat rhythms use syncopation, and if you can’t keep a steady rhythm you will struggle to hold for the correct note value.

Have Full Control Of Your Power

Another thing to consider if you want to try Go-go drum beat rhythms is your power. As with all groove oriented drumming styles, power control is a must. Although Go-go drum beat rhythms do not primarily rely on accents and ghost notes, like funk, they can be incorporated. Also, if you use too much power, it will affect the overall flow and groove of your playing.

Because of the syncopation involved in Go-go drum beat rhythms it is crucial that you start off slowly. Timing is highly important in this style of drumming, as syncopation requires notes to be held for certain lengths, sometimes unusual lengths. As a drummer, your job is to know how to play notes of any length, and starting off slowly using high repetition will get you there.

Developing Your Sense Of Coordination

Before you try to play the exercise provided, stay seated at your computer and put the flats of your palms on your knees. With your hands, you off hand working as the bass drum, your main hand working as hi-hat, snare and ride, clap the beat into your lap. This will help you to develop a basic sense of coordination before you even approach this piece.

It will also help you master the piece that much more quickly and efficiently. Once you can clap the pattern consistently, use your feet to tap out the bass drum, you main hand as the snare, and your off hand as the cymbals. The pattern shouldn’t be much more difficult if you already learned to tap it out the first way.



Get Your Metronome

Now for this sample Go-go drum beat rhythm, you will need your metronome. Set it around 60bmp, a fairly relaxed tempo. Learning at this speed will help your muscles memorize their duties, making it easier to bring up to speed later on.

gogo drumbeats

Download the .gtp file for the lesson ( Right click and Save As… )

If you do not have Guitar Pro 6 yet, you can download it instantly here

Notice the tied note, and the two sixteenth notes. These may seem simple, but the steady eighth note rhythm of the hi-hat, when split with a sixteenth note, becomes substantially more difficult. After the first measure, you don’t need to strike the ride anymore, is it is more of an introduction, but the constant hi-hat rhythm mustn’t be overlooked or forgotten.

When you feel comfortable playing this piece, don’t stop there. Add your own instrumentation, your own styles, and keep challenging yourself. Simply adding a flam drag tap in place of a single stroke can not only create a unique sound, but also create a much more difficult piece. As always, we provide the foundations and free drum lessons for you to grow. It’s your job to experiment and grow!

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  1. djtbird-Reply
    February 22, 2015 at 2:17 pm

    Interesting that you mention P-Funk in a lesson about go-go. Dennis Chambers was in P-Funk for a while (he’s on Uncle Jam Wants You.) He’s from Baltimore, but still nails the go-go. Some of the complicated kick stuff you’re doing is reminiscent of his sound. He went on to play for Sugarhill, the legendary hiphop label. One of the big hits in that sound is “Pump Me Up” by Trouble Funk–a DC go-go group.

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