Recommended Homestudy Courses And Teacher-Replacement Tools

dvd coursesLearning to play any instrument on your own is almost considered impossible. You will most probably need a form of guidance, and there might be cases where a teacher in person will not be the possible or will not be the best available option.

Modern technology has given us tools that previous drumming legends, like Joe Morello or Buddy Rich could not even dream of when they were starting out with drumming.

Rinse And Repeat

Remember all the concerts you went to just to capture a few interesting licks from the drummers you envied so much? Those were moments you might remember or not. By buying a drum DVD course, all the nifty chops and little tricks you need will be right at your fingertips.

You can pause at any moment, rewind, and play the scene again. Until you can do it just as well, or even better. Are you too tired to follow right now? No problem, you can have a good night’s sleep and try again tomorrow. The disc will wait patiently.

Learn From the Gurus

There are loads of teachers out there who are ready to give you one-on-one lessons for a reasonable price and give you highly usable material to work with. However, the music instruction industry has its own masters from whom you could probably not buy private time. Dave Weckl has instructional drum lessons DVDs, so does Johnny Rabb or Jojo Mayer.

They know something not many know and you can buy your own piece of that knowledge and work until you learn some of their awesome licks. These people dedicated their lives to drumming and have a perspective that is both fun, exciting and useful to study and analyze.

Also, when you are at a one-on-one lesson with your teacher, there is no pressure on your teacher to give you his best. On the other hand, when someone publishes a DVD drum lessons, he has to give in everything he has, since the global market is cruel, and if the publisher wants the discs to sell well, they have to provide outstanding material.

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Make Your Progress Specialized

Many of the DVDs work similarly to a Master’s Degree at university. They provide advanced material in one particular field, taught by the best in that field. For example, Jojo Mayer has a course on the Moeller stroke.

When it comes to discussing the Moeller stroke, his name is among the few who are considered the masters of that given technique. And, through his drum lessons on DVDs, everybody is given a chance to study how he does it.

The Lack of Personal Touch

There is a drawback to learning from video lessons we have to admit. There are moments when you are struck with your learning progress, and you would need somebody to cheer you up. There are moments when you finally succeed with a trick you have been working on for weeks and you are waiting in vain for that lifeless disc to congratulate you.

Indeed, sometimes a teacher is irreplaceable. However, no one said that a drums DVD course is meant to replace a real teacher. In our opinon, the most comprehensive course for learning drums is Drumming System.

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The Advantages Are Obvious

However, taking everything into account, we can deduct that DVDs are a blessing of the modern age we are living. They provide an exceptionable way to enhance your skills and enrich your knowledge. Even if they do not replace real life teachers, they are great as auxiliary learning aid. Even more, when you reached a certain level in your development as a drummer, maybe specialized drumming DVDs are maybe your only option to take yourself on a further level.

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