correct stick gripBefore we can get into the Moeller technique, we have to talk about the most important part of playing the drums. That is how to hold the drum sticks. I’m amazed at how many people don’t know how to hold the sticks correctly. I played for almost ten years and had no rebound, no speed, and no control.

Once I learned the proper way to hold the drum sticks, I was amazed at how I sounded better, and moved around the drum set better.

Let’s Learn The Proper Way To Hold The Sticks

Take your right hand, with no stick in it, and pretend that you are holding a gun. Now stick your finger out and turn your ‘gun’ so that you are holding it across your chest. Now lower your hand to the snare as though you are holding the gun over it. Curl your finger in just a bit at the first digit to create a pocket. Now you can rest the back end of the stick in that pocket and the front end of the stick on the drum.

Find The Balance Point Of The Stick

The balance point is different for each stick. If your index finger is to far to the front, the stick will have to weak of a rebound and if it is too far to the back, you will have to much rebound.

The secret is to find the point on the stick that you can ‘dribble’ it like you would a basketball. Now put your thumb on the stick to create a fulcrum. Use as much of the fleshy part of your thumb as you can. From there, raise your hand up and let the stick rest against the fleshy part of your palm. Move the rest of your fingers into contact with the stick, but hold it very loosely.

Match The Positioning With The Other Hand And Its Stick

As you play more, you will be able to just grab your sticks and instinctively hold it at the proper balance point. When you get new sticks though, whose balance points may differ, it can be a good idea to find the proper balance point for those sticks as well.



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