Secrets of Simplistic Drumming That Most Don’t Know About

showing offBeing a showoff doesn’t always help you as a musician. In fact, it can sometimes do far more harm than good. This is because often times when we show off, we tend to get carried away in the moment and lose ourselves.

While this may sound great, it isn’t; if rhythm is lost, the band is lost. Don’t let yourself become the center of ruin for your band. Learn to play simple!

Drummers tend to share tons of secrets, and most of these secrets pertain to sounding more impressive or looking better than you can play. The most often overlooked drumming lesson that drummers seem to simply ignore is that of simplistic drumming.

Here is a lesson drummers never learn or completely forget altogether; just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

This means just because you can add a thousand and one voices, doesn’t mean you should. Not only will it not do the music justice, but it will come off as unnecessary and over the top gaudy.

The Key To Simplistic Drumming Is To Relax

Let your rhythm flow. Don’t feel the need to impress anyone else; drumming isn’t fifth grade show and tell. Play patterns that flow with the song, not against it.

Many drummers by huge kits and then fall into the mindset that they need to add at least all of the voices to write a single song. This is not true. In fact, there is a reason the snare drum, bass drum, and hi-hat are so popular –they work.

Keep your patterns simple. Linear patterns often work best in most styles of music. There is no need to bloat out your patterns with unnecessarily added accents and cymbal chokes.

Learn When And Where to Show Off

Just because you have an opening for a fill, doesn’t mean you should go insane and start slamming every drum head and cymbal in view. Too many musicians get caught up in trying to impress the world. If you started playing drums to impress people, then you became a musician for all of the wrong reasons.

Music is a craft, treat it as such. You don’t create a painting by throwing paint all over a canvas. You take your time, one stroke at a time, slowly creating something from nothing. Your kit is your brush, and your song is your canvas. Minute patterns consisting only of necessities make up the larger of the picture. The advance technique, or the large strokes, is meant to highlight the completed product.

Don’t Get Distracted

Don’t allow yourself to lose sight of the art just because some people are standing behind you; they won’t be impressed after your extravagant strokes ruin the entire painting. Your listener won’t be impressed by you playing a drum solo every other bar, either.

Now that you know how to play simply, the key is to actually use the knowledge. Application is the only sure thing in the arts, and if you don’t apply these technique, you may soon find that your over the top, no holds barred style does little more than impress yourself.

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