Making Use of Multiple Bounces in a Roll

learning processThe multiple bounce roll is one of the most important rudiments that any drummer can learn. The multiple bounce roll is sometimes referred to as a buzz roll, or most commonly a drum roll. You can hear the multiple bounce roll a lot in drumlines, and they are an essential component to every drummer’s vocabulary.

I’ll be taking you through the steps you can take in order to master the multiple bounce roll. I’ll explain how you will be able to play with consistency, speed and control.

The Learning Process

You can’t just pick up sticks and play a multiple bounce roll without knowing all of the other techniques first. Before you even pick up the sticks you should learn how to correctly hold them. And that means you should have located the fulcrum point on the stick.

This is the part of your hand that offers you the most bounce when the stick rebounds off the drum. It is located between the thumb and the index finger. You will need to experiment with stick positions in order to find it.

The second step is to learn the single stroke roll. This is a drum rudiment that most people learn on their first lesson. The sticking for the single stroke roll is very simple: Right, Left, Right, Left. When performing the single stroke roll you should always try to keep your playing consistent, even if you can’t do it very fast.

The third step you should take is to learn the double stroke roll. This is very similar to the single stroke roll; however you need to hit the drum twice each time instead. The sticking for the double stroke roll is: Right, Right, Left, Left. This should be repeated over and over until you can get it as fast as the single stoke roll.

Once you have these basic steps down you should try to mix up both the single stoke roll and the double stroke roll. This will increase your overall control and speed.

The Buzz Roll

Now that you can hold the sticks correctly, play the single stroke roll, the double stroke roll, and mix it all together, you are now ready to learn how to master the buzz roll. The buzz roll requires you to loosen your grip and then push the stick against the skin.

Do this until you create a very quick rebound effect that sounds like a buzzing noise (hence the name, buzz roll.) Once you can do this with each hand then try to play them after each other. Don’t worry if it doesn’t sound continuous straight away, you just need more practice.

And there you go, that’s how to play the multiple bounce roll from beginning to end. Once you can play the rudiment on the snare drum then try to mix it in with the single stroke and double stroke rolls, and if you really want a challenge then try to play it on multiple drums, or even the cymbals!



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