Proper Ways to Incorporate a Drums Solo Over Song Form

merge solo with songIf you understand the basics of drum soloing, you may wish to implement the technique into your playing. Be warned that drum soloing will not fit every song, so if you were expecting to pound out solos through every track, then you should rethink your plans.

Drum soloing within the context of a song is much different than creating a drum solo for performance. When drum soling in a performance you the drummer are the only voice being heard.

In the context of a song there are two other main instruments which you will have to take into consideration; the bass guitar and the electric guitar. I left out vocals because primarily a singer will not be belting out a note in the midst of a drum solo, even in the context of a song.

Drum solos in songs will primarily take place during a break. Usually you will have a few chords, creating a basic progression, and you will have space for possibly up to a full minute to solo.

Keep this in mind, as drum solos in songs are typically short, sweet, and to the point. If you know you are a drummer who likes to drag out your glory, then take some time to better discipline yourself before attempting to write a drum solo for a song.

To write a drum solo that fits perfectly over the structure of a song, it is important that you are familiar with voices. You need to know not only the voices of your own instrument, but those of the electric guitar and bass guitar as well.

Learn To Harmonize

Not all notes go together, so if your guitar and bass player are playing in G Major and you are using an absurdly high pitched tom-tom, you will create dissonance, which in most listener’s ears sounds displeasing and unattractive.

Extravagance is great, but being overly flashy within the context of a song can come to haunt you. Use different drumming rudiments to get your point across, avoiding lifting the tempo of the song too greatly. You want to play to enhance the song, not turn it into your spring board.

Unlike most drum solos, drum solos within a song’s structure should not involve much improvisation. It is best that you notate what you are going to play and give yourself a basic outline to follow. This will help you to stay on track and not get carried away or lost in the heat of the moment.

Try to keep your drum solo within the boundaries of the song. Although it is natural to feel the urge to speed things up, if you perform a 200bmp drum solo in the middle of a ballad, then you are doing the music a disservice.

As always, the best way to create a drum solo is to practice. The best way to create one that fits your specific song is to try out different ideas. Ask your band mates for their honest opinions, as this will let you know if you are going overboard with your solo or not. As we always say; be creative, work hard, and have fun!

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