Punk Drumming Tips For People Who Love ‘Em

punk rockIf you love heavy metal, you should know how influential punk rock has been to it. Without punk, there would be no thrash, and as an avid thrash lover myself, I know the roll punk has played.

Punk rock is fast, hard, aggressive, and raw. For beginners, punk rock drumming can be a bit difficult, but that’s okay; we have some tips to help you get started in the world of punk rock drumming.

What Does It Take To Be A Good Punk Drummer?

First off, it is important that you have a steady, fully developed sense of rhythm. The rapid tempo changes in punk rock can be difficult to master.

They will be nearly impossible without the ability to keep a basic rhythm. When you practice, use a metronome. This will help you to develop a steady sense of rhythm. Without it, you will quickly find yourself lost in the world of punk rock.

Don’t take this the wrong way, either. You don’t need to have advanced level skills to learn punk drumming. In fact even the greenest of beginner drummers should have basic rhythmic capabilities. If you don’t, then get to work!

Next up, make sure you know your rudiments. The basic rudiments can take you far in punk rock. Be sure you can perform proper single and double strokes. This may sound ridiculous but there are huge differences between actually having the ability to perform a technique and only thinking you can perform it. If you can’t play a steady sixteenth note single stroke roll at 120bmp then you have a little bit of work to do. As mentioned above, if you do need to practice, be sure you use your metronome.

Learn Your Bass Drumming For Perfect Timing

Another key to becoming a good punk rock drummer is to learn your bass drumming. While punk rock isn’t known for mind blowing double bass, punk rock was the origin of the blast beat. This means you need to have impeccable timing with harmonies and bass.

For punk rock drumming, the basic heel up or heel down techniques will suffice, but be sure you can keep a steady rhythm. Also, if you don’t know them yet, learn your blast beats. For this, refer to our lesson on metal drumming.

Finally, and most importantly, study your favorite punk rock bands. Don’t get caught up listening to the lyrics and guitars; study the drummer. What techniques is he or she using? How many tempo changes take place? The most you will ever learn is by studying for yourself.

Make Your Own Technique

When you find a particular technique that you find especially interesting, write it down. Pay attention to the voices involved and the techniques and patterns at use. Then, next time you are at your kit, practice it! Pick it apart like you would any other technique. Break it down, start from the ground, and work your way up.

The biggest mistake many musicians make is that of diving headfirst into a style. Take your time when approaching punk rock drumming. Start off slow and develop your technique. Bad habits learn at practice will only transfer to your playing so be sure to start off at a manageable speed. Good luck!

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