2 Beginner Rock Drumming Beats You Can Play With Ease

rock for newbiesWe know how it is to be lost. There are so many lessons out there geared towards more advanced players, and it’s hard to find a place to start.

Welcome to beginner rock drumming beats. Today we will discuss a topic known as linear drumming, one that quite a lot of rock and roll is actually based off of.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand what linear drum beats are, as most people don’t. Linear drum beats are simply drum beats consisting of a melodic pattern.

When you hit one drum at a time, you are creating melody, no matter what notes you hit, so long as they are separate. The opposite, is harmony, which is created when striking to or more notes at the same exact time.

Expanding Your Skills Through Linear Patterns

The easiest place to begin is to start off with some linear patterns, as these will help you develop skill. When striking these notes, be sure to concentrate on controlling your pattern. You don’t want to be tapping the drum heads so faintly that they become inaudible, but you also don’t want to strike so loud that you either break your drum head or just damage your ear drums.

If you have one, use a metronome to help you control your rhythm. This will not only help you develop evenness with your notes, but also help to train your muscles to memorize movements. Muscle memory is a big part of drumming, as we can’t necessarily focus all of our attention on all four of our limbs separately. Start off slow, with your metronome on about 60bmp, and build your way up gradually.

Be patient; it will take time. Rock drummers aren’t born overnight.

Example 1:

This is a fairly basic example, using a popular rock groove. The only voices used in this example are the bass drum and the snare drum. Remember to start off slowly.

beginner rock drumming beats

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When playing this example pay attention to the height of your stick after striking the snare drum, because the further away your stick is from the drum, the further it will have to travel to make the next stroke. This may seem basic, but careless stick height can lead to slurs, throwing off your rhythm and extending the time signature in the process.

Example 2:

Our second example has a more upbeat, poppy feel. Believe it or not, if you strip away guitar and vocals, a lot of rock and roll tunes have a pop styling beneath. This is because pop is upbeat and ear catching.

beginner rock drumming beats example

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This exercise uses an extra voice; the closed hi-hat. Many styles of music use the hi-hat as a tool to keep tempo. Rock and roll isn’t much different. If you analyze rock and compare it to the blues and pop you may come to notice an astounding number of similarities. This is because both pop and rock music borrow from the blues and from each other respectively.

With these beginner rock drum lessons, you are well on your way to becoming a rock and roll drummer. Remember that practice makes perfect, so you may want to create a schedule for regular daily practice. This will help you to be able to grasp concepts and develop your techniques more quickly and efficiently. Have fun, good luck, and rock on!



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