Rock Drumming System Review

Rock Drumming System is no longer in sale. Check out Drumeo instead…

rock drumming system reviewIf you love KISS, Led Zeppelin and Rush, then chances are you want to learn to play rock and roll. No other style can begin to parallel the hard hitting adrenaline rush that rock music offers.

This Is A Review Of The Rock Drumming System

If you want to learn rock and roll drumming, then this course is a perfect tool for you.

Rock Drumming System has left us thoroughly impressed with its, well, thoroughness. Covering topics ranging from drum kit tuning and positioning (which many other programs overlook) to tips on taking the lessons to create your own unique rock and roll drumming style.

The package comes with four DVD’s, a along CD’s, four workbooks and twenty four hour phone and internet support. On top of that, you also get extra bonuses like the One-Hand Drum Roll DVD, making this awesome course great value for money.

Aspects Of Rock Drumming System

One of the greatest aspects of this program is that the program includes essential music reading lessons. This is another crucial yet often overlooked skill that most drumming programs lack. In fact, many drumming programs expect you to either already know how to read music, or expect you to have the ability to play only by sight and sound.

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The fact that instructor Jared Falk takes the time to teach this skill gives the course an edge over other programs of the same intent. Another important aspect Falk gets into is music theory. This is another skill that many programs skimp on, opting for an easier approach, but Falk dives headfirst, explaining each concept thoroughly.

Another great aspect of this program is that Falk teaches all of the basic rudiments used in rock and roll, as well as double bass techniques. Falk goes in depth into improvising, giving useful tips and hints to help you to develop your own abilities. I was utterly impressed by his friendly and helpful –not to mention easy to follow– instructing style.

Make Your Own Pattern

Falk gives hundreds of drum patterns, and with the improvisational help, gives you the skills to then make each of those patterns your own.

The Rock Drumming System starts off at the basics and progresses as you do. This is great because it means as you master techniques, you won’t be left without lessons. Many programs cut off at a certain level, but with Jared’s program, the lessons reach into highly advanced territory.

Get Insights to Advanced Lessons That Are Covered…



Everything in this program is built in a logical, organized fashion, which makes it easy to find lessons catering to your skill level, and also to just find lessons you want to play.

Summary of the Course by Jared Falk:

Rock Drumming System is a course that outshines the rest of the competition when it comes to learning in this specific genre of music.

Here’s what you will get in the entire package:


– 4 Jam Packed Training DvDs

– 1 Jam Along Audio CD

– 4 Detailed Workbooks

– One Handed Drum Rolls DvD

– Drumming Essentials eBook

– Drum Kits Lessons eBook

– Unlimited Email, Phone & Forum Support!

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Ok. Let’s be Totally Honest Here. Are There Any Flaws in This Program?

Quite obviously, if you don’t want to learn rock and roll, then this program is not for you. There are a ton of other great multi-style based drumming programs on the market that can help you round out your style. In my opinion, the best course for a general education on drumming is Mike Michalkow’s Drumming System.

However if rock is your love, and you don’t mind the moderate price tag –this system costs half the price of much larger systems– then the instructional package would be perfect for you. Not only will you learn rock and roll drumming but you will also learn the important technical aspects of drumming that can help you to understand exactly what it is you are actually doing.

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Announcement: Rock Drumming System has been discontinued…

Their authors had created a new system for online learning at Drumeo. Check that out instead…

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