Jazz Drumming System Review

jazz drumming system reviewIf you love smooth, free flowing jazz but don’t know where to begin, the best place is to start with lessons.

These can be either in the form of DVD’s and CD’s, or with a personal instructor. Guess which one costs hundreds more?

Another offering from Mike Michalkow, the Jazz Drumming System is exactly what it sounds like; a system to help you learn how to jazz drum.

With four DVD’s –including a play along disc– this set is a lot more approachable than most other drum programs.

With a workbook following the lessons, you are easily able to track your progress, take notes, read your sheet music (ability to read this is not required), and develop an organizational system, among other things.

The course offers fills, rudiments, patterns and solos. All of the examples range from easy to fairly challenging, depending on your skill level.



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Mike effectively walks you through the basics, helping you to build a foundation. Each and every lesson is played, broken down, and explained in full detail so that you can understand exactly what it is you are doing.

Learning jazz drumming can help you to develop a better sense of rhythm and give you the tools to groove, as well as help you to develop the foundations necessary to learn other styles such as funk.

The most impressive aspect of the program is the customer support. As with all Mike Michalkow programs, this one offers live support with professional instructors who will help walk you through troubled areas and lessons.

Every usual aspect of jazz is covered in this set, including grace notes, odd rests, and off beat rhythms.

The interesting part of this set is that it doesn’t delve too deeply into music theory. This could be viewed with mixed emotions, as some of us out there are genuinely concerned with our theoretical knowledge. The advantage in this department is definitely for beginners though, as this means you won’t have to struggle with complex concepts, and you are able to get straight to the meat of the lesson.

Summary of the DVD Package:

Jazz Drumming System is a revolutionary solution that is breaking all the rules to provide you with the best possible learning experience!

This full course includes:

– 3 full length DVDs

– Play-along CD

– Detailed workbook

– Bonus content: Finger control video

– Unparallelled customer support!


Ok. Even GOOD Courses Have Their Downsides. So What Are They?

The largest drawback to this system is its price tag. For such a small set of content (four DVD’s and a work book) the price is rather steep, and actually a bit less than half that of some of the larger, more expansive drumming systems available.

However, if you are a jazz enthusiast willing to shell out extra cash to hone your skills, then the program will be well worth the slightly inflated cost.

Keep in mind that this program isn’t a music theory database, as stated earlier. Don’t go into this program looking for technical aspects of the techniques, as this program is marketed towards a drums player with little technical knowledge of the drums.

4 dvds and a coursebook

Where from here? We highly recommend the program…

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