Bass Drum Secrets Review

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bass drum secrets digital editionWhether you are into earth shattering, skull crushing heavy metal, or smooth, free flowing jazz, the bass drum is an invaluable tool. That being said, learning to properly implement the bass drum into your playing is important, right?

This is a review of the Bass Drum Secrets program which is created by Jared Falk.

For beginners, this program can help you to develop a fluent bass drum technique. It goes over the basic, and gets deep into the fluid heel to technique which many drummers know as ‘rolling.’

The program teaches basic bass drum rudiments, as well as patterns, exercises for building speed, endurance, and application. Double bass patterns, ‘broken’ patterns (double bass rhythm intervals separated by rests in sometimes awkward placement) and many other techniques are covered in this system.

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From blast beats to metal basics, you will quickly come to find that this program is very one dimensional, geared mostly towards metal heads than anyone else. You will find it a bit difficult to implement these techniques into any other playing style other than heavy metal.

This shows that the instructors have a targeted audience, with no will to cater to other styles. While this is a great business tactic, it makes the usage of this system very limited to many musicians, as many of us want to learn how to play the bass drum properly without gearing our playing towards heavy metal.

That being said, Bass Drum Secrets does a great job at servicing the intended audience.

Summary of the Complete Digital Edition:

Bass Drum Secrets was created for drummers interested in taking their single and double bass drumming to the next level.

This bass drumming course includes:

– 20 Drumming Lessons Modules
– 1000’s Downloadable MP3s
– 64 Downloadable PDFs
– Uparalled customer support!
– Extended 90 days money back guarantee

Ok. So, What Are the Downsides of This Digital Course?

The instructors break down each lesson and there are PDF’s included with the sheet music and lessons. This is another downfall of the program, as not everyone wants to print off their lessons or sit in front of their computer to study them.

In fact, some players simply do not own printers. This inconvenience is subtle, yet quickly scales towards blatant if you find yourself printer-less with your only option to either copy the lesson by hand or study it from your computer and attempt to memorize it.

The bitter sweetness of the Bass Drum Secrets program is highlighted in the fact that after viewing a few lessons, I suddenly felt as if I were watching reruns with altered scenes. While helpful, after awhile it can seem like a burden to continue with your lessons once you understand the techniques being used. (Of course, I am speaking this with a point of view from an advanced drums player.)

The program seems a bit cumbersome for its one dimensional intents. For newer players, you might find the repetitive a boon to helping you get up to speed with playing the bass drums.

Overall, if you are a metal drummer, and purely so, this program is fairly inexpensive and can definitely help you to develop your double bass technique.

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