Song Ending Tips to Help You Achieve a Great Finish

creating an outroThe most important part of any song or drum piece is the ending. The very last beats and fills you play are what most listeners will remember, that’s why it’s important that you make these sections the best you can.

They need extra focus and attention, and need to be thought out a lot more than the rest of a song. When you finish playing the drums you want to leave a lasting impression on the listener.

This way you will set yourself apart from other drummers as you will be able to build up your own identity. I’ll be telling you how you will be able to come up with great song and drum piece endings that will leave your listeners wanting more.

The Song Structure

It’s important that your ending is the peak of a song. To understand this you must look at the whole piece as a whole and analyze the structure and where the peaks and falls should be.

When you play a song the verses and choruses will generally have singing over the top. This will provide the melody of the song in question. The bridges of a song, as well as the intros and outros are what people really listen too.

Having a strong drum intro is also very important as it will hook the listener. If it is good it will keep the listener, well…. listening. This is the first step in getting to the end of the song! If you can’t think of a good intro then you will jeopardize your chances of showing off a song ending. It’s that simple.

The verses and choruses should always remain simple. You should listen to the music and play what fits, not what makes you look like a better drummer. Remember the drums and bass provide the background of a song. You can’t play melody on a drum kit so leave it to the guitars and vocals.

The outro or the ending should be the peak of your drumming abilities. By this point people would have already heard the song, and they will want something new. This is where the drummer comes in. Finishing a song on a solo or extended fill can be a great way to impress the audience, and it will leave them satisfied and wanting more.

Creating An Outro

The best way to create a decent song ending is to start with the basics. Many of the rudiments can act as great fills and solos when you’re drumming. If you practice them, and learn all 40 then you’ll never be short of ideas.

If you want to finish a song with a fill or solo then this is the first port of call. Go through your rudiments, work out the time signature of the song, work out the tempo, and then try to incorporate the rudiments into it. Try using the whole drum kit and not just a snare drum. This way you’ll be able to come up with something new and original that nobody else has done.

Just remember, the song ending should be the peak of your drumming. Work up to it and don’t show off everything you can do during the song. This is your moment to be remembered.

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