Reasons Why People Fail at Drums And Why You Don’t

practice hardOne of the most common questions practiced musicians hear is, “How did you get so good?” Many musicians start off with the notion that they will never reach a certain level, and that those who have are specially gifted mutants.

Part of that statement may be true (some musicians are specially gifted—there’s no denying that), but you would be surprised by the fact that the majority of the musicians you idolize were once in your shoes, certain that they wouldn’t be able to reach the level they are currently at. In fact, many of them don’t believe they are nearly as good as we believe them to be.

So how did they get there, and why aren’t they continually satisfied?

We’ll discuss that a little bit in this article, as well as touch on a few reasons why people fail at playing the drums. Hopefully, it’ll help you to motivate yourself, because no one else will do it for you.

Well, Why Indeed Other People Fail At Drums?

First off, let’s answer the above question; how did they (the musicians we admire) get there (the level of playing they have achieved), and why aren’t they continually satisfied?

Well it’s pretty simple, and it’s the reason they are such great musicians; they tried. And what’s more, after they tried, they kept on trying. They didn’t give up. That is the number one thing that separates those who do and those who fail to do; drive and determination.

You may think this sounds like sports talk, but it really is universal. Success in anything depends on your strength of will to keep pushing yourself day in and day out, no matter how bad it can seem at times.

They Are Pessimistic

The number one reason why people fail at drum playing is because they tell themselves they can’t do A, B or C, and thus they create an early pattern of self defeat in their playing. If you tell yourself you can’t, then you mostly likely won’t be able to, because you will constantly undermine your abilities and see yourself as far less skilled than you truly are.

If doubting yourself is the number one reason for failure in music, then a lack of work ethic comes in at a very close number two. A lot of musicians fail because they aren’t strict enough with their playing. As a musicians, practice is your means to bettering yourself.

They Tend To Get Lazy

If you play sports, you train to make sure you are in peak physical condition. The harder you train, the more you put in to your workouts, the better you will be. The same goes for music. The harder you work, the closer you will come to your goal.

Many people tend to slack off with practices, preferring to just sit and noodle around on their kit. The problem is, while noodling around is great to do once in a while, it doesn’t teach you much at all. The thing you will use most are the things you need to focus on and do again and again.

It isn’t very hard to learn the drums—in the end, all you need is a little confidence and a whole lot of self-discipline. Good luck!

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