Maniac Styled Double Bass Drumming For Metal

maniac styleEvery genre of music has its go to techniques. For metal drumming, no technique is more common than the double bass.

The double bass can be used in a variety of ways, and in the lesson, we’ll give you some tips on how to implement this great voice into your own playing.

First, before you worry about impressing the nations with your amazing speed, it is best that you take the time to truly learn how to play double bass drums. Use a metronome!

Metronomes will not only help you to keep tempo, but they will help you to develop your sense of rhythm in a full manner.

Taking Time To Play Simple

Start off by playing simple eighth note patterns, and once you become familiar with those, try moving up your tempo.

The point of taking the time out to develop the technique is so that your playing is clean and methodical. No one wants to listen to a drummer whose technique is sloppy, as it jumbles the rest of the voices being used into a single ball of confusion.

Once your technique is sound, and you find that you can keep a steady and clear double bass rhythm without any problems, the next step is to experiment with how to use the double bass.

Many bands tend to use double bass during a verse, and favor either a syncopated rhythm or a more offbeat pattern during the chorus.

Try Everything What You Can Do

While this is great as it works for many bands, some newer bands are incorporating the double bass into choruses. The main thing you can do to see what works best is to experiment. Try adding double bass into different places, and most importantly, don’t limit yourself.

Not only will this make your playing boring and one dimensional, but it will affect your ability to write properly as well, as you will begin to simply add double bass everywhere by learned instinct.

Remember to keep your drum playing open, no matter how much fun the double bass is.

One huge mistake that many metal drummers make is simply falling in favor with the double bass.

Honestly, the double bass doesn’t sound good everywhere. In fact, in some places it sounds awful.

If the guitarist is playing a lead, or there is a melodic section of the song coming up, the last thing the listener wants to hear is Johnny Drummer trumping through the fields of notes with his double bass.

Don’t ruin your music just because you think double bass is ‘metal’

Use your better judgment, and if you aren’t sure about your drum work, ask a band mate. Chances are they will give you honest feedback because they don’t want you ruining their song, either.

In the end, double bass is a great tool. However, it is not a required part of every song. Through practice, not only can you improve your bass drum speed and control, but you can develop a better ear for where double bass actually fits in.

Remember, you won’t drop dead if three songs of your ten song EP doesn’t have double bass. Have fun, but use your head and your ear.



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