2 Simple Things You Can Do to Prevent Damage to Your Cymbals

cymbal cleaningCymbals are a delicate part of any drum set. They are particularly expensive. No matter how stable they look, they are also quite fragile. They also have the capability to look brilliant and astonish anyone that approaches them – yet so many cymbals are left dirty and not cared for.

Proper cleaning of your cymbals not only makes them more pleasing to the eyes and gives them a longer life span: when the resonation is not semi-blocked by dirt they also sound better.

Yes, that is true: cymbal cleaning is not only for the weirdos who only care about their instrument’s appearance – a proper cleaning session releases the original tone character of your cymbals. Here are some tips on drums maintenance:

Prevent Cymbal Damage

First and foremost you have to realize that by playing consciously and paying attention to your cymbals you might save yourself a lot of precious time and money. Cymbals do not get dirty on their own: there are a number of factors that accumulate and contribute to the deterioration of the cymbals.

In order to prevent damage, there are a few things you should pay attention to. Grease really harms your cymbals, so you should try to touch your cymbals as little as possible: that means that choking them should be done with attention and you should transport them carefully. Also, you need to convince yourself to sit down and clean them when cleaning is needed – dirt only yields exponentially more dirt.

The other point you should consider is travel. As a musician, you need to look at your goals and plan accordingly. Are you planning on joining a band and gigging? Traveling or touring? In any of these cases, getting protective road shells for your cymbals will be the best investment you can make for your cymbals.

It will save them from road related troubles such as cracks and dings from being crushed or thrown around in the backseat of your van, truck, SUV, or car. You will want a case that latched closed, made out of plastic or a thicker hardened material.

A cloth case is great if you don’t travel, but if you do, or if you are planning to, a hard case will go a long way in preventing cymbal damage.

Mounting Your Cymbals Correctly

Did you know that you can shorten the life of your cymbals by mounting them incorrectly?

It’s true. Simply tightening the cymbal stands as much as you can will lead to pressure cracks in the ring of the cymbal. These will drastically shorten the life of your cymbal. Make sure that you have felt rings on each side of the cymbal to prevent harsh contact between the cymbal sleeve and the cymbal itself.

Tighten the nut on the cymbal stand only hand tight. This will allow more room for your cymbal to move, and also give it enough space not to crack between the sleeves.

Make Your Drums Sound Better And Reach Its Full Potential

Drum Tuning System is the complete guide for anyone who needs help in cleaning, routine maintenance and tuning. Regardless of the situation you are in, this course will teach you exactly how to achieve better sounds during live performances and get the maximum value out of your drumset.

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