What Age Should Kids Start And Are They Suitable for Classes?

start learningThis is a very abstract question, as there isn’t a specific time frame that people should follow in order to become a drummer. Some kids are ready to begin learning before others.

There are a number of different things to consider in order to establishing whether or not your child is ready to take drumming lessons.

You should review the child’s disciplinary level, concentration level and whether or not they are learning just because they “think it’s cool.”

When Do Most People Start Learning?

There is no set age that somebody should be in order to become a great drummer. However, many of the greats started at very young ages, such as; John Blackwell Jr and Steve Smith. They were still considered babies when they picked up their first set of sticks! However, they were from musical families and were constantly surrounded by musicians.

Most kids start to learn an instrument when they are still in elementary school. Although it can be difficult to focus and improve at this age, it can definitely help build up a strong foundation in technique and style. And then when the kid grows into the teenage years then they will already have a head start over a lot of other drummers.

I’d heavily recommend that if you are thinking of letting your child start playing the drums then make sure they learn the basics first. And there is no better place to learn the basic fundamentals of technique than with a drumline.

By taking military drumming classes your child will be able to get a good grasp of rudiments, sticking techniques and showmanship drumming. Transferring these skills onto a full size drum kit will be made a whole lot easier.

How Can I Keep My Child Enthusiastic?

This can be tough. If a child plays the drums too much then they can easily get bored. The best way to ensure your child remains interested is to not overdo it. One lesson per week for an hour at a time is more than enough if they are beginner.

It’s also a good idea to try out a number of different teachers, and then let the child decide what teacher they like the best. This will keep them motivated so they will actually look forward to taking classes.

Another way to make sure that kids stay enthusiastic is to pay them compliments whenever they learn something new. This will give them more confidence and ill make them feel great. They will soon strive for more compliments, and will get a lot better without even realizing it.

Before a kid starts to learn the drums they should always make sure that they learn the basics of technique. If you skip this stage then the child will pick up bad habits. These bad habits will cause them to struggle in the future and will have a negative effect on their playing.

The best way to build up strength and technique is to learn the rudiments and different sticking techniques. These can be taught in drumline classes, and is a great starting point for any drummer, regardless of age.

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