How To Get Focused And Avoid Distractions During Practices

staying focusedLearning to play the drums well requires a lot of focus and commitment. If you don’t have much patience then music isn’t for you, as it can take years and years to truly master your art.

There are so many different ways to play the drums, with so many different strokes and techniques. Learning everything is nearly impossible, however if you remain focused you will be able to give yourself a very wide vocabulary indeed.

I’ll be explaining how you are able to remain focused on your drum playing, and how you will be able to push yourself to learn new things and improve at a great speed. Drums isn’t about how long you practice, it’s about practicing smart.

Your Drumming Routine

Just like any sport, trade or education you need to set aside time in the week to drumming. During your practice sessions you shouldn’t just play anything for as long as possible, as structuring your routine is far more effective.

It’s a good idea to take a few minutes at the beginning of a practice session to think about your weak points, and then focus your practice routine around this specific weakness.

If you want to improve your speed, metronome and dynamics then there is nothing better to learn than drum rudiments. If you don’t already know all 40 then get started! I always pick one rudiment at the start of each practice session to focus on. I’ll play that rudiment for at least five minutes at the start and end of the practice, making sure that I used multiple drums and not just the snare.

Staying Enthusiastic About Drumming

When you first start drumming you probably had loads of enthusiasm. You probably wanted to drum all of the time, and get better and better. As you learn more and more techniques and beats then this enthusiasm can wean somewhat. This is because as you get better it’s harder to see yourself improving.

A good way to ensure that you continue to improve is to set yourself challenges. If you haven’t done your grades then start working on them, if there’s a particular song that you can’t play then start trying to work out how to do it!

Another great way to stay enthusiastic is to learn with someone else. Having a little bit of friendly competition is never a bad thing. If your drummer partner learns a new beat, make sure you learn it better than he does! Or if he learns a new rudiment on the snare drum, then make sure you learn how to play it on multiple drums. Learning with someone else can help to keep you both inspired.

Beginners Advice

If you are thinking about starting drums, or if you haven’t been playing for long then try not to overdo it. Short structured practice regimes are far more effective than spending hours and hours on one day, once per week. This also goes for lessons.

Try to have at least one, one hour lesson per week. If you overdo it then you will soon become overwhelmed and will find it difficult to keep up with the playing and theory aspect. This can actually prove to be very demotivating if anything.

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