Secrets to Buying a Cheap Drumset on a Shoestring Budget

first hand setBuying a new drumset can be a very daunting task if you aren’t really sure what you are doing. Many drummers, both new and experienced buy a drumset purely based on the appearance alone.

This can cause a lot of problems in the long run, as obviously the sound is by far the most important aspect.

It’s always a good idea to try out the drumset prior to making a purchase. This can be done at most drum shops.

First Hand Drumsets

If you are set on buying a firsthand drum kit then you should always perform your research beforehand. If you can’t try out a new kit in a shop then find out what drum kits your favorite players use, and use Youtube to watch reviews.

This can give you a good idea of how the kit will sound. It’s important to remember that most first hand drumsets do not come with cymbals, even if the advertising picture shows them. You may also get less hardware than you may think.

Second Hand Drumsets

This is definitely the recommended option for new drummers. If you buy a second hand drum set the main things you need to look out is the condition. Most drum kits can be made to sound fairly good with the help of new drum skins. When checking the condition of the drum it’s always a good idea to look inside the drums to check for mould.

Electronic Drumsets

Electronic drum kits can be a great way to practice and get better if you don’t want to use acoustic kits. Electronic drumsets are generally more expensive, but they offer drummers the opportunity to play through headphones so they make very little noise.


Most drum kits don’t come with hardware. Generally speaking the bass pedal, cymbal stands and drum stool won’t be provided and may need to be purchased separately.

Whether you buy a drum kit first or second hand you should always check what other hardware may need to be purchased. If a second hand drum set doesn’t come with hardware then you can use this as a reason to haggle the seller down to a better price.

Buying Cymbals

Cymbals should never be overlooked when buying a drum kit. Cymbals are cheapest when they are purchased in packs, and it’s recommended that you don’t buy any cymbals that are second hand as they have a much short life expectancy than drums. Choosing the right cymbal is a critical part of your overall drumset.

There are many other things that can contribute to having a good drum sound, such as the skins, and what wood the kit is made out of. Cheaper drum kits tend to be made out of ply, and are mass produced, whilst the higher end drum kits can be made out of anything from oak to maple.

When buying sets of skins you should always make sure that the snare drum has a coated skin, and a clear under skin. The other drums can utilize either clear or coated skins depending on what style of music you intend on playing.

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