Are the Roland TD-30KV & TD-30K the Best Digital Drum Kits on the Market?

the Roland VPerhaps the most exciting drum products released at NAMM 2012 are the Roland TD-30KV and TD-30K drum kits and they both have some very big shoes to fill.

Controversially regarded as the best digital drum kit money can buy, its predecessor the TD20KX has set the benchmark for the new boys to beat.

Like a few other Roland V-Drum kits the TD 30 is available in two pad configurations, the TD-30K has a more standard set of pads like the ones found on the TD-12KX.

The TD-30KV on the other hand features Roland’s latest technology and over a decade worth of research and developing to create the Worlds most realistic digital kits. Therefore it is equipped with the latest trigger pads, which are designed to get the most out of the subtly modelled sounds.



Could there be a new kit on top of the pile?

Improvements Made to the Set

Improving on the TD20KX is no easy task, however Roland have introduced several new features to create an all round improved drumming experience and perhaps the biggest of all is the addition of Roland’s SuperNATURAL sounds.

This was taken from the technology used in creating the V-Piano, which allows for a more natural dynamic playing experience and touch sensitivity for smoothly changing sounds according to the volume.

An acoustic drum kit would behave in this manner changing dynamics and sonic character making the application of the V-drum the most authentic digital kit on the market. This is emphasised by a partner technology called ‘Behaviour Modelling’ which offers massively improved response, along with a more realistic snare sound and feel especially on transitions between rim and mesh headshots.

The positional response is also generally improved whilst triggering all rolls and ghost notes, and even the snare is buzz modeled to sound authentically. Roland have also focused on the cymbals and have improved dynamics and positional response and generally sound more authentic.

Tweaking Settings to Achieve Different Outputs

It is important for drums to be versatile and able to adapt to various style of drumming music, Roland have included over 1000 high-definition sounds which are all adjustable in precise detail by using the V-Edit mode. Like acoustic drum kits the heads can be interchanged as can the tuning, mic positions and size, which means it is the perfect drum kit in a studio environment.

Essentially it has a vast library of potential acoustic sounds that can be plated on just one kit and it’s as easy as pressing a button. And for on stage and live performance the TD-30 features an ambience fader giving the drummer more control over their appearance on stage.

Some Other Key Features of the Product

A key feature on the previous TD-20KX, the VH series hi-hat trigger has yet again been improved upon by the TD-30KV. It keeps the same design, authentic stick bounce and cymbal movement but has improved the motion sensor along with the triggering technology meaning a smoother transition from open to closed and even change tone by pressing harder on the pedal when it is closed. Don’t forget the SuperNATURAL and Behaviour Modelling making it the most authentic and advanced hi-hat to any other digital kit.

The amazing thing is the list just keeps going on and on, and it’s very clear that Roland really wanted to go above and beyond its competitors and create the very best. Check it out for yourself and see what you think!

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