The Differences Between An Electric And Acoustic Drum Kit

electric drum kitThere are so many different types of drum kit out there. None of them are better or worse than another as it’s all down to personal taste, and what you’re using it for.

Many new drummers are turning to electric drum kits as they offer drummers more control over noise. Electric drum kits can be great if you get the right one, however there are a lot of bad kits on the market.

In this article I’ll be explaining the main differences between acoustic and electric drum kits, giving you advice on how to decide what type of kit would be best for you. This way you will be able to make an educated choice on what kit to buy, before you decide to spend your hard earned cash.

Acoustic Drum Kits

There is no substitute for a decent acoustic kit. Wherever you play, whether a gig or in a recording situation nine times out of ten you will be playing an acoustic drum kit. The main differences between the two forms of kit are that acoustic drums have much more tonality to them, allowing you to create sounds that cannot be replicated electronically. Also the noise levels are much higher, unless you cover them with pads (which would ruin the tonality altogether.)

Acoustic drums also require the drummer to have cymbals and hardware. These features are rarely included when buying a drum set, and have to be purchased separately. Again, cymbals are very loud and penetrating and could cause a few problems if you are living in an urban area.

If noise isn’t an issue then acoustic drum kits are recommended. A decent acoustic drum kit can be purchased for the price of a budget electronic kit, so they are cheaper. The skins are real and offer more variation in tone, and the kit is bigger. The bottom line is, acoustic kits are real and electronic kits aren’t.

Electronic Drum Kits

Electric drum kits can be great for practicing and learning new things, however they do have their disadvantages. There is still yet to be an electric drum kit on the market that really does look and sound like it’s an acoustic.

And for a high range electric drum kit, you’ll be paying at least four to five times the price as a high range acoustic kit. With electric kits though you will not need to buy and hardware or cymbals as they always come as standard.

The main advantage electric kits have over acoustic is the noise levels. Drummers are simply able to increase and decrease the volume at will, and can play them through headphones. This is brilliant if you live in a urban area where noise could be an issue.

Overall it really does depend on what you intend on using a drum for. In an ideal world everyone would be able to have both; and electric for practice and an acoustic for live performances and recording. However this is rarely achievable.

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