Jazz Drum Play-Along – 2/4 Feel

In the 4/4 Jazz with a 2 feel lesson, I told you that we had a really great play-a-long for you to use to get some real life experience with the 2 feel. Well, here it is.

The song starts in the 2 feel, featuring a relaxed hi-hat pattern. Later in the song you can switch to the ride cymbal to add some dynamics. Play the 2 feel pattern for 16 bars, then switch to the four feel.

When you switch to the four feel, things pick up a little. The cymbal replaces the hi-hat and is played more frequently. When you switch back to the 2 feel, it would be a good time to use the cymbal in that pattern as well. Just play the same pattern on the ride cymbal that you did on the hi-hat.

Play both the 2 feel and the 4 feel for 16 bars and repeat. In this play-a-long the whole thing repeats three times. Towards the end of the song, you may want to switch back to the hi-hat in the 2 feel. Also, feel free to add in some snare and bass drum comping when it feels right to add some flavor.

Download the pdf file for this lesson… (courtesy of Drum Play Along System)

Download the .mp3 file here…

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