A Comparison of Double Bass Drums Vs Double Bass Pedals

double bass and pedal distinguishedMany drummers hear double bass and only think of a pair of pedals. There are in fact two options for your double bass needs; having two bass drums set up, or using a double bass pedal on a single bass drum.

Today we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each to help you choose which would be best for your own kit.

Remember; no matter which we suggest, whichever you choose, do research on your brands before you purchase anything, as owning a cheap version of either will be no better than the other.

Let’s Talk About The Big Boy Two Bass Drums

Two bass drums are obviously a lot larger than one and will make your kit a bit harder to transport. This means either you will need to find more room in your equipment’s means of transportation. It also means if you have a small practice room or practice space, you will have a hard time fitting in your new addition. That being said, owning two bass drums has a ton of benefits.

The first is tuning. Because you have two different bass drums, you are free to tune the bass drums however you please. This means you can achieve two distinctly different tones for your kit, which adds extra dynamics. Also, two bass drums are perfect for recording.

A single bass drum often becomes muddier when recording because of the amount of repetitive force being applied to it within the same small area. The two bass drums are clearer, more crisp, and deliver better recording opportunity as you are able to mike each drum individually.

Because the second bass drum extends the size of your kit, you also receive the ability to add further drums to it. This means you have the ability to further the range of your kit, which in turn adds extra contrast and dynamics.

The biggest downside to a second bass drum though, is the cost. Drums are far more expensive than pedals, and because they are drums, you will also need to routinely replace an extra head.

Knowing More About Double Bass Pedals

Now let’s discuss the double bass pedal route. Double bass pedals are great for a compact kit. They take up very little space, and they cost far less than a drum. The best thing about the pedals is that they are easily transported. You won’t need to rearrange your practice room or rethink your transportation for gigs.

The downside is that double bass pedals are a bit muddy as both kicks are working on the same drum. Also, you are limited to a single tuning. Double bass pedals are decent for recording, but it may be difficult to find a sweet spot on a single drum, as the kicks are working with a space between them. This means that one kick will be more prominent than the other when you are doing fast double bass drumming.

Here’s another tip: when using a double pedal, you can “clear” the sound up by using wood or hard plastic/nylon beaters…the felt beaters are soft, hence the muddy sound.

If you are willing to make the investment, the pair of bass drums will do wonders not only for your setup, but for your studio sound as well. If you are a bedroom musician, chances are the best route to take is the double bass pedal, as it is lighter and more compact. Whichever you choose, be sure to maintain your drumming equipment so that it lasts long!

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