Maintaining Your Passion For Drumming And Make It Part Of Your Life

intense drummingIt takes years to become a decent drummer, and to master the art would take more than a lifetime. If you have been playing for a while then you may become frustrated with how slowly you seem to progress.

Most people when they get to a certain level don’t know what to play, or how to improve. It’s important to keep every aspect of your drum playing refreshing, this means practicing, learning new things and playing with new people.

I’ll be giving you advice on how you will be able to keep your enthusiasm for drumming strong, and how you’ll be able to remain focused and never get bored.

Using The Internet

Drummers of today are very lucky. With the internet there is more and more opportunities to discover new music, and therefore new drummers. If you are serious about drumming then you must never remain narrow minded.

It’s always good to try to delve out of your comfort zone once in a while and try listening to new drummers. Using websites like Youtube allow you to not only discover new music, but give you access to a large bank of drumming tuition videos. This way you’ll never run out of practice ideas.

Subscribe To A Drumming Magazine

If there’s one thing that will help keep you focused it’s having a physical copy of a magazine to read. In drumming magazines, you can find out about new up and coming drummers, learn about old drummers, and learn from the tutorial sections that are often provided. Having a magazine subscription can be a good way to keep you interested in drumming, and music as a whole.

Learn Your Rudiments!

This section doesn’t apply to everyone. But very few drummers I meet actually know all of the 40 rudiments. Most of them make the excuse of “well most of them are the same anyway, just different patterns.” Exactly!

By learning different stick patterns you will be able to improve your speed, strength, technique and timing. When people start to really focus on their rudiments then they usually find that their whole drumming style improves. And nothing keeps a drummer more interested than when they are making obvious improvements.

Anyway, playing rudiments doesn’t have to be a chore. Most rudiments can be incorporated into beats and rhythms; they don’t just have to be played on the snare drum. Try challenging yourself by making up a beat that is rudiment based; I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the results!

The most important part about remaining passionate about drumming is to have fun. It may sound cheesy but it really does get overlooked. If you enjoy playing in bands, then do it more! Or form a new group. Or if you don’t like the band you’re in at the moment, why not join a drumline?

There are hundreds of ways to ensure that your drumming always remains enjoyable, you just need to figure them out. And remember, nothing makes drummers more enthusiastic than hen they are getting better, so make sure you set yourself goals and challenges.

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