How To Overcome Weaknesses In Your Drumming

improve techniquesImproving your drumming can be very difficult if you have certain weaknesses. If asked what someone’s main weakness is when drumming, most people will answer their left hand (or right hand for left handed players.)

Surprisingly this is one of the easiest weaknesses to overcome as a drummer. A lot of other people would say rudiments. Whatever your drumming weakness it can be overcome, you just need to persevere and have a plan.

I’ll be giving you some hints and tips on how you will be able to improve all of your weaknesses with just a few minutes per day. Most problems are simply bad habits, and once you force yourself out of those bad habits then progress will come naturally.

Formulate A Plan

This is the single most important part of overcoming your problem. If you identify hat is wrong in the first place then your job will be made a lot easier. I would recommend that you sit down at the beginning of the week and write down everything that is wrong with your playing. Make a list of problems that you’d like to fix and rank them in order.

Take the first issue on your list, and that will be your focal point for the week. For example if you need to speed up your paradiddles, then most of your practicing for that week should somehow revolve around paradiddles.

Once you have found your weakness I’d recommend setting aside five minutes both before and after practicing to concentrate on that specific problem. If you find before the end of the week that the issue has been solved then pick the next thing on the list, and so on.

Practice Your Rudiments

No matter what you’re playing on the drums or in drum lessons, the rudiments will always help you. I can’t stress this enough. If you practice your rudiments on a daily basis you will improve at every aspect of drumming.

Yes, this applies even if you don’t use the rudiments that you are practicing in your playing. This is because your speed, strength and timing will get better.

It’s also recommended that you experiment with your rudiments. Try to add them into beats and fills, or try playing them on different drums altogether. This will help how you control the drum kit, and thus your problem.

The Weaker Hand

As I said before, one of the main problems people have is there weak hand. To improve the technique of the weak hand then try and play the rudiments using reverse sticking. This means that you have to start the particular rudiment with your weak hand, and play the accent on the weak hand. Keeping coordination will be difficult to begin with, but over time you’ll find that things definitely improve.

As you can see there are numerous ways to overcome weaknesses in your drumming. You just need to know where to start. Nobody ever said that drums would be easy, but if you stick with it and battle through all of the problems then you’ll find yourself having a lot more fun.

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