Tips to Producing the Best Sounds With Proper Handling of Your Sticks

appropriate gripThe way that you grip your sticks has an enormous impact on your playing. Not only does it affect every technique that you use, but it also affects how you are able to use certain techniques. When gripping your stick, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

The first is whether your grip is comfortable or not.

Many traditionalists will try and tell you that you must use a certain grip with a certain style of music. If anyone tells you this, ask yourself what makes them an expert? Chances are it is self proclaimed. If you are uncomfortable, every aspect of your playing will be off. Not only will your rhythms suffer, but so will your general technique.

Do Whichever Fits To Your Comfort

There will always be a high browed elitist to tell you that your matched grip is improper for jazz. Ignore them. Your playing is only as good as your level of comfort. If you feel awkward using the elitist traditional grip just because someone told you it was the right thing to do, feel free to switch back to reality.

There are one size fits all methods of gripping your drum sticks.

Some heavy metal drummers use matched grips, while others use the traditional grip. Neither drummer is wrong because it works for them and they are comfortable playing that way. This means that they will be less prone to injury down the line.

You will never be able to generate proper power if you aren’t comfortable.

When we said all techniques would suffer from your self-forced grip, we meant all techniques. This includes ghost notes, accents, flams, everything.

Every rudiment will be at a loss due to your level of discomfort.

Try Each And Every Grip Before Choosing The Best

Again, don’t let anyone tell you the best grip for anything; there isn’t one. You would be surprised at the amount of drummers who can perform blast beats with a traditional grip. This is due to one thing; they are using the grip best suited to their personal tastes and comfort, which allows them to perform any technique they please properly.

Think of it this way; right hand drummers don’t force themselves to play guitar left handed.

This is the equivalent to playing with an uncomfortable grip. You are out of your element, and what’s more, your bodies discomfort is its way of telling you to stop.

The best sound won’t be produced by a certain grip; it will be produces by a comfortable drummer. Discomfort behind the kit leads to awkward and sloppy habits which cannot be helped. If a right handed writer tries to write with their left hand, no matter how hard they try, unless they are ambidextrous, they will fail. This goes the same for a drummer trying to force themselves to use an uncomfortable grip.



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