4 Things to Do in a Routine to Achieve a Sense of Accomplishment

drumming practiceIn most of the list of tips that you have read about learning how to play drums, you will surely see a number or a bullet dedicated in reminding you to practice. This is a very true concept, though.

The only way that you can achieve mastery in drumming is by playing it repeatedly and frequently. This requires a lot of effort in your end, but surely, the result will be dramatic.

As you go along with each practice, you will notice that you are quickly learning the techniques that you have found difficult before. Through practice, you can train every muscle in your body to make every beat a perfect one.

4 Things To Keep In Mind When Practicing

However, practicing just for the sake of doing it will not lead you anywhere. In that case, what you do in your practice sessions to ensure that your skill is indeed increasing? This article will discuss the 4 things to do in every drum practice. By keeping the following points in mind, you will definitely earn a relatively good achievement in drumming:

1. Play a full song or two. Do not just play your favorite parts in a song. This will not help you in learning how to drum. It can help you perfect that particular part, but it will not guarantee that your skills are increasing. On the other hand, do not just play every song that comes in your mind. Trying to practice a big number of songs every session will lose your focus. Strike a balance by playing at most two songs perfectly.

2. Practice the parts that you are having difficulties doing. Unlike the common conception of playing the beats that you are good at, it would be necessary to improve on the things that need improvement.

You are already good at that technique so there is no need to focus on that anymore. It would be better to dedicate most of your time learning the harder styles in your perspective.

3. Try to learn more drum techniques. When a session comes that all of the techniques you have known are already reaching a mastery level, go ahead and move to another techniques. This will train your drumming skills into catering the needs of the situation and will help you be more adaptable. You would not want saying no to your audience when they have requested a song requiring a technique you do not know, right?

4. Get some pointers from other drummers and try to follow the principle that they follow. This will give you a variety of skills that will further enhance the way you play your drums. Although mimicking the style of other drummers is a big no-no, getting some pointers is not harmful.

The 4 things to do in every drum practice should really be done in your practice sessions. Besides, they are not called the ‘4 things to do in every drum practice’ for nothing. In your next session, make it your goal to do all of the suggestions in this list. It will help generate a sense of accomplishment in every session.

Have fun during your journey on learning how to play drums!

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