stick spinning techniqueNot all your time with drumming needs to be spent seriously. Once in a while, it’s okay to have some fun and learn a technique just for the sake of it.

Twirling your drum sticks the perfect technique for just that cause, and it takes a lot of practice to master.

Fortunately, we can help you get it down fluently.

Tips On How To Twirl Your Drumsticks

First, you will need to grip your drum stick as you do every single day. Simple enough, right?

You want the center of your stick just above your index finger (forefinger, or for some of you, pointer finger). This allows you to keep the balance of the stick centered, which in turn allows gravity to do most of the work for you.

Give the stick a light push with your index finger. It should glide easily over your thumb, but don’t jab at it; start off slowly, and allow yourself to develop the technique before you worry about racing like a helicopter blade.

As the stick is passing your thumb, keep your index finger in the same exact placement and allow all of your other fingers to move out of the way. This will allow your stick to make the turn without any outside forces (your other three fingers) interfering.

Try And Try Again Even If You Fail

Allow the stick to fall over your pointer finger and place your middle finger onto the stick. If done correctly, your stick should be between your index finger and your middle finger with the head pointing towards the floor. If it isn’t, that’s okay; simply try again.

Don’t just say oh well and allow the stick to fall improperly; you are training your fingers, and they will begin to memorize each movement. You want the movement to be fluid and, above all, correct. All mistakes will eventually translate into muscle memory, and in turn your stick twirling will look rudimentary and childish even at its best.

Use your index finger to push the stick in between your middle finger and ring finger with the tip facing the ceiling, and then let it fall between your ring finger and pinky finger with the tip facing the floor once again. Just as with the first falling motion, if you fail, slow down and try it again.

Repeat Until You Get It Right

Unlike learning a drumming technique, continuing will only allow your body to begin memorizing your mistakes. If you drop the stick to the ground or fumble it, simply start over from the beginning again and take it a bit slower this time around. Pay more attention to your form, and allow the stick to glide; don’t force it. It’ll be awkward.

Now you can either pass it back to your thumb or grip it again, or to keep the motion going, you can pass your middle finger and pinky finger underneath the stick and push your ring finger over it to get the motion started again.

Once you get the basic motion down, the only way to become fluid with twirling your drum sticks is by practicing. Unlike drumming, don’t set aside a block of time; just practice when you can. Never practice twirling instead of your drumming.



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