taking a gigPlaying live is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a musician. The only issue people face is that most venues won’t take on new bands if they don’t already have a following.

There are many different ways to get around this. I’ll be telling you about the different approaches that you are able to take when trying to sort out live performances for your band.

Sending In A Demo

This is one of the oldest fashioned and most effective ways of getting a gig. More and more bands are relying on the internet to try to get live shows, not going through the trouble of sending in a physical copy of a CD.

Nowadays if you send in a demo it will most probably get a listen as not many bands take this approach. If you want to send a demo you need to find out the name of the promoter. This can be found on a specific venues website, or by calling the venue itself and asking who runs the gig nights.

Always address the CD personally to the promoter and never the company, this will ensure that the demo gets into the right hands. It’s a good idea to write both the band name and contact details on the CD itself, just in case the letter gets lost. If you don’t hear anything back after a month then follow it up with either an email or phone call.

Putting On Your Own Night

Another great way to ensure you get a gig is to put on your own show. This will require you to have a little bit of financial backing in the first place as you will need to hire the venue, other bands, and security.

Making sure you break even can be very easy if you get all of your friends and family to come along to the night. It’s also a good idea to tell the other bands that they will get paid depending on how many people they bring, this will ensure that they do their bit with promotion.

Asking Other Bands To Support Them

If you know any gigging bands or local bands that share a similar style then it’s worth asking them if they would be interested in having a support band at their shows. This can be a great way to network. Always make sure you return the favor if you can. This is especially important if you are looking for gigs outside of your local area.

Getting gigs can be very easy if you try all of these approaches. It can be a good idea to not play too much in your local area. If you sparsely play locally then more people will come and see you play on a regular basis.

Make sure you always invite your friends and family along to your first few gigs. This will show promoters and venues that you can draw a crowd and will give you a better chance of securing shows in the future.

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