questions askedThe difficulty of learning anything varies from man to man so there is no objective answer to that. Playing a steady pop-rock beat is definitely easier than playing a typical pop-rock song on the guitar or the keyboards.

Also, most people would agree that learning to play the violin or the harp is a harder task. However, your goal might be to become an A-level jazz drummer, which is really a very difficult challenge.

In order to achieve that, you have to dedicate years of consistent practice from your time to drumming. So, the answer really depends on your goals. Do you want to play with the best musicians in the world? You have to become one of them. That is hard. Do you want to play a punk rock beat in a garage band? Go ahead, that is easy, you can learn that in a few hours.

Who Is the Best Drummer in the World?

Just like in the case of the previous question, there is no single, precise and objective answer to that question. Who should we consider the best drummer in the world? The one who plays with the most popular pop stars and cashes in millions every year? Is that too mainstream?

Then maybe we should consider the one with the best technical abilities who practices ten hours every day and is on the cover of different drumming magazines every week. Well, that might be a better idea, but still, there are dozens of technically gifted drummers.

And even so, there might be a lot of people who might say that the best drummer in the world is the one whose eyes reflect the most passion, someone who might be playing in a small African village and none of us might ever get the chance to hear him play. Really, who is to decide? Music is not a competition; we should appreciate the music of every talented drummer and try not to compile top lists.

Should I Lay Matched Grip or Traditional Grip?

Practicing both grip types you will probably find the answer by yourself. You should stick with the one that feels more comfortable and allows you to play at a more advanced drummer level. Looking at the most popular contemporary drummers, we can see that the distribution of grip types is almost even, there are geniuses using both.

Also, there are a lot of player who do not stick with only one grip and might switch according to what they are playing. You cannot see too many death metal drummers playing traditional grip, however, playing swing, for example, almost requires you to leave matched grip behind.

It is not your gripping style that will define your playing – both are very good and tested thoroughly over the decades. What will differentiate you is your attitude and the time you dedicate to practice.

Will Weightlifting Ruin My Drumming Skills?

Training properly will probably not affect your drumming too heavily. That is, you should stretch your muscles carefully after every workout. Lifting heavy weights will contract your muscles, making them less flexible.

If you stretch properly, your muscles will regain much of their original flexibility. However, skipping your training the day before your gigs is a very good idea. You do not want to step on stage with sore muscles, do you?

On the other hand, adding some cardiovascular exercises to your workout schedule might even raise your stamina thus enabling you to perform better during longer gigs.

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