musical mentorWhen you are learning to play music finding an appropriate teacher is unquestionably important. More often than not, the teacher you choose will not only be the person who will show you the technical aspects of the craft.

Quite probably, he will also become your musical mentor, a leader in the beginnings of your career as a drummer.

For that reason, you should try to realize what your goals as a drummer are and find a teacher who will most probably be able to help you fulfill them. Here are 5 tips to help you choose a drums teacher.

1. Find Someone to Recommend You a Teacher

If you are thinking about learning to play the drums, you probably have some friends already playing the drums or some other instruments. If you do not, well, you should definitely try to meet people who are already experienced in the music scene: first-hand information is incomparable to anything.

The best markers of the skills of a certain teacher are always his students. If you can find someone who plays on an advanced level and he has good words to say about his teacher, then you should probably consider contacting that teacher.

2. Ask the Teacher About His Background as a Drummer

No one wants “guitar hero” drummer as his teacher. There are dozens of self-acclaimed teachers out there who offer to teach you everything you need to know about drumming, yet they have never had a gig, maybe did not even play in a real band. You do not want advice on how not to play in a band and how not to have amazing gigs, so you had better find someone who actually has something real in his pocket.

3. Find Out What Services He Has to Offer

You should probably not invest in buying your own drum set until you spent enough time learning to play the drums so that you can be sure that you are willing to play seriously and devote time and money to that hobby.

Not every drum teacher or drum school offers you dedicated practice time when you can play on your own on their drum set. In my opinion, the permission to use a drum set offered by the teacher should be primary criteria when choosing a teacher.

4. Opt for Variety

Many teachers offer specialized drumming courses for different genres of music. There are separate courses for Latin drumming, for rock drumming, and especially for jazz drumming. While these might sound very professional, for a beginner drummer I would definitely recommend a drumming course that has a broader curriculum.

Your teacher should not only teach you how to play rock rhythms or a nifty salsa: he should show you a whole range of musical genres, allowing your expressional skills to be as rich as possible. Also, playing the drums does not only mean playing the drum set. You should be given the chance to play many different percussion instruments, from congas through maracas to Japanese drums.

5. You Are Looking for a Human, Not a Machine

Most teachers are eagerly looking for new students, and they have to spend just as much of their time with you as much you will have to spend with them. As I mentioned previously, in arts teachers often become mentors of their students.

A personal bond is developed along the time, and no matter what capabilities you have or what the teacher has to offer, if the two of you are not getting along well nothing good is going to happen. You should choose a teacher whom you can see as a potential friend, to whom you can look up to, like an elder brother.

On a final note, choosing a good drums teacher may often be tagged to paying abit more. The next best alternative would be to have a step by step drumming DVD course.

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