muffled bassDrummers are considered the beat of the band. He produces the note pattern to follow, and enhances the overall quality of the composition by doing magical tricks using his instruments.

In any case, drummers are essential players in a band. However, becoming a drummer is not that easy. You would need a lot of drum techniques and knowledge on some of the most basic tricks.

Fundamental of Bass Drum Muffling Skills

If you are a budding drummer who is starting your way towards this arena, you can readily use the technique of bass drum muffling. This article will discuss the importance of this skill.

To become an expert drummer, you need to have full control on the music that your drum provides. Most of the time, you role is to create those beats from the drums. This is done, as you might have known, by beating them using your sticks.

The problem rises, though, if you do not want a drum to produce sound. The problem further complicates if the drum you want to mute is already vibrating. Creating vibration is much easier, but cutting a vibration can become a problem. The technique called bass drum muffling will help you do this.

It is very important for you to master this technique of cutting off the sound produced by your bass drum. You would not want to mess with the beats that you are creating using the other drums, so keeping your bass quite is an important skill.

Why You Need Bass Drum Muffling

Moreover, if you want to highlight the tone produced by a certain beat in a certain drum group, you would definitely need to mute the other drums. Most of the time, it is the bass drum that needs muffling.

Since the sound it produce only complements the beat from the other drums, keeping it silent for some time will let your audience hear what you are trying to create. Without muffling your bass, you will surely have a problematic time on isolating the sound you wants to blast off.

Another reason why drum muffling is important is the silence it creates. Since a band is made up of several components, a musical composition might need to highlight the other components of the band. There might be moments where the sound you audience should hear is the vocals only, or the lead guitar only.

Whatever the case, in these instances, your bass drum should not be vibrating. Any vibration in your drums will still create sound waves into the air. These unnecessary sound waves can affect the musical quality of the component your band is focusing. Only by muffling the drum will you be able to shut the sound completely.

Do A Research

To ensure that you can take advantage of this technique, you can do your own research on some of the steps to enhance the efficiency of bass drum muffling. By gathering more knowledge about this skill, you will be able to have a good grip on the notes that you want to create.

Besides, this is the primarily role of a drummer. Hence, aside from knowing how to produce notes in your drums, you should also know how to stop those notes when the situation needs it.

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