Advanced Tom Tom Beats to Challenge Your Current Skills

excellent tom tom playsDrummers grow. As they do, they require more challenges. If there aren’t any challenges, how is playing the drums even remotely fun? One of the fun ways to advance your skill is through the use of the tom toms.

In this article, we will go over two sample advances tom tom beats that will allow you to challenge yourself, as well as give you some ideas on how you can change your playing to create more challenges for yourself.

Before we get into the bulk of the article, it is important that you look at your skill level. It is dire that you are honest with yourself. Honesty is the key to proper learning. If you attempt to tackle a lesson that is far out of your reach, you may have issues with mechanics.

If you understand the use of syncopated rhythms and know how to play syncopated patterns, you are halfway there already. If you aren’t or you are new, head to the beginner drum lessons section to hone your skills first.

The other thing you need to assess is how comfortable you are with rests. Our examples will have odd rests, which means that you need to be completely comfortable with odd timings in order to tackle them.

If you’re comfortable with your syncopation, and your rests are as good as they’ll ever be, then it’s time for our examples.

Advanced Tom Tom Beats Example 1:

advanced tomtom beats

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It is best that you clap this pattern out before tackling it on your kit. Make sure you know the timing of each note, as well as the rest placement. Remember to focus on each note as it comes. Thinking ahead will simply jumble up your hands. Once you can comfortably clap the pattern, use a metronome to play it. Start off slow and allow your hands to memorize their strokes.

Advanced Tom Tom Beats Example 2:

intermediate tomtom beats

Download the .gtp file for the lesson ( Right click and Save As… )

As we mentioned earlier, clap this pattern out before you dive head first into it. The rest placement is a bit odd. This is why it is important to be comfortable with odd note placements. Once mastered, they can be your best friend as a drummer.

The key is to take it slowly and allow your hands to do all the work. Some of the rests come on the primary beats, while some come on the secondary beats. Make sure that you are fully comfortable with this before you decide to sit at your kit to play the pattern.

Broaden Your Creativity

Now that you have seen some examples of advanced tom tom drum beats to spice up your drums playing, try creating your own.

Trying different note groupings, and different patterns can have great results. Notice how the second example ascends and descends whereas the first mostly descends. Don’t limit yourself to linear patterns; try different techniques. If you notice that most of your tom tom grooves are descending, try mixing it up and use some ascending patterns or some mix the two up.

The only limits are those of your creativity. Try playing your favorite patterns in different ways. Add rests and different note values. You may notice we used all sixteenth notes; you don’t have to do this. Keep your mind and ear equally open, and above all, practice.



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