The Benefits of the Moeller Method And What It Can Do

proper handlingThese days it seems that every single drummer has their own method on how to improve skill. I would be lying if I said that all of these methods work, or if even half of them are beneficial.

I would also be lying if I said the Moeller Method fell into that negative category. I have come across very few drum methods that are even half as helpful as Sanford Moeller’s method.

The Moeller Method is a method based around the snare drum. It was developed in the early nineteenth century, and has stood the test of time for a great many reasons.

The Moeller Method Teaches How To Properly Control Power

Many drummers believe that they have great control, but the fact of the matter is many of them are wrong. We all tend to think we are better off than we truly are. Moeller teaches how to properly control power to help differentiate between different notes such as accents and grace notes. If you are interested in a DVD course specially dedicated to this, check out Moeller Method Secrets

I know I have personally heard –and felt—my fair share of over powered accents that made me cringe. I have also heard grace notes so light that they couldn’t be felt with a stethoscope. Proper balance in power is an extremely important foundational skill for drummers, and you can’t master styles such as jazz, blues, funk, punk, or heavy metal without it.

Stick grip form may seem like a basic piece of knowledge, and that is because it is. Just like any other basic, it is also often overlooked in favor for jumping head first into impressive techniques and show off skills.

Moeller teaches how to properly hold your drumsticks to better control your power, and also elaborates on how to properly use the wrist to generate proper force.

Importance Of Moeller Method

This skill is more than important, it is necessary to avoid injury. The wrists aren’t muscular; they are fragile. Keeping your wrist stiff, while flexing your forearm and bicep to strike the drum head, is a sure way to injure your wrist. In other words, using your arm instead of your wrist to drum is wrong.

It is also a form that I have seen far too many drummers adopt. New drummers don’t realize how critical good form is, and thus many injuries follow as a result. The Moeller Method explains proper form for good striking.

Finally, if you are a speed demon, or even a jazz man, you will be astonished at how much proper form benefits your drumming. Proper form leads to less exertion of energy, which in turn means that you will stay fresher for longer. Proper wrist technique also leads to quicker strokes. Regardless of what style you play, effortless speed is far more help than hindrance.

If playing injury free and developing proper form are within your range of interest, the Moeller Method can be an invaluable tool to help you further your drumming. Balancing your power can not only help you groove more efficiently, but it can also help you to learn to play drums more dynamically, giving contrast between strokes and techniques.



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